Cigna expanding sales to Africa with new expat product

Designed for expat employees of multinational companies with offices in Africa, Cigna Global Health Benefit is now offering its new Cigna Africa product.

Cigna health, Africa
Expats in regions of Africa will benefit from Cigna's local experience and facilities, global medical network, and on going commitment to investments in this region.Cigna Africa has been designed specifically for multinationals' globally mobile, key local and third-country nationals (TCN) staff in Africa.The product has been tailored to the needs and local practices of the region, making the plan affordable and giving multiple options to individual preferences such as, areas of cover, cover levels and supplementary coverages.It includes health benefits, dental and vision cover, evacuation and health management services."Africa is an emerging economy, with significant growth of almost 1,000 billion US$ over the last decade.* This trend makes it an attractive expansion target for us," said Bart Jordens, General Manager International Organisations and Africa at Cigna.He continued, "With our already existing infrastructure and experience in Africa, we are in a good position to give regional expats and key nationals a premium service."Currently, Cigna Global Health Benefits already supports the health, well-being and sense of security for numerous customers in Sub-Saharan Africa, employed by multinationals, non-profits and intergovernmental organizations (IGOs). It employs local communication officers and medical consultants in key hubs and claims intake office in Kenya.*Africa is emerging as a significant point of growth, making it an attractive expansion target for companies in search of new markets. The EY attractiveness index 2013 for Africa shows that Africa's growth is real and sustainable, with the economic output of Sub-Saharan Africa having grown strongly from US$344.1 billion in 2000 to US$1 334.2 billion in 2012. Sub-Saharan economic output is projected to reach US$1 844.6 by 2017.For more Re:locate news and features on Health, click here.

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