Nord Anglia-Juilliard collaboration will inspire educational excellence

An over-focus on league tables has deprived many students of their interest in formal education and many schools aren’t doing enough to inspire a love of learning, says Nord Anglia Education.

Performing Arts
In a short position paper published to celebrate the launch of its new music curriculum developed with The Juilliard School, a world leader in performing arts education, Nord Anglia has set out the importance of inspiration in education and how performing arts in particular can help ignite that inspiration.The paper – Excellence through inspiration – sets out the importance of inspiration in education and how performing arts in particular can help ignite that inspiration.It further argues that the increasing obsession of schools and governments with league tables of public examination results has reduced many schools to 'exam factories'. Instead, Nord Anglia argues that it is the duty of educators to inspire students, and facilitate their cognitive stimulation and development.As part of its commitment to inspiring students, Nord Anglia collaborates with world-leading institutions to bring their excellence directly into the classroom.It is through this approach that Nord Anglia has formed a close collaboration with Juilliard, the world-renowned performing arts conservatory. This will see an innovative new curriculum, developed by curriculum and music experts at Juilliard, rolled out in ten inaugural schools across the globe.Nord Anglia believes that working with such a highly-regarded institution and giving students direct access to Juilliard performers and teaching artists will help inspire them in their studies. Ultimately, the curriculum aims to nurture cultural literacy and develop key skills in students, such as discipline, creativity and confidence that will enable them to succeed anywhere in the world once they've left school.The music curriculum is designed for all students, not just those who are serious about learning an instrument or musical performance.It is based around a repertoire of 12 core works covering a wide range of cultures, genres and historical periods, each of which has been carefully chosen by Juilliard to open the door to categories of music and fundamentals essential for all young people to know and experience.The collaboration between Nord Anglia and Juilliard will continue to evolve over the coming months, with the launch of private one-to-one music lessons from the beginning of 2016. This will be followed by the launch of a performing arts summer school next year.Both these activities will be open to students from non-Nord Anglia schools. Drama and Dance curriculums will also be rolled out to Nord Anglia schools over the coming years.Andrew Fitzmaurice, Chief Executive Officer at Nord Anglia Education, said, "Excellence comes from inspiration rather than league tables. Working with the world's best is inspirational."How many times can any of us truly say we have had the opportunity to work with the best? At Nord Anglia Education, we want it to be a daily occurrence for every student and our collaboration with The Juilliard School does just that."The evidence for an education in the arts is clear – learning music can increase academic development, helping students to improve literacy, mathematics and cognitive development."It also helps young people develop cultural literacy and personal skills – from collaboration through to perseverance – which are critical to the modern workplace."The Juilliard School shares our vision for the value of the performing arts to society, and we strongly believe that this curriculum will equip our students with the skills needed to excel in their future careers – whether that be as a Juilliard-trained pianist or a corporate lawyer."Joseph W. Polisi, President at the Juilliard School, said, "In collaborating with Nord Anglia, we have a unique opportunity to share our expertise, offering those studying at Nord Anglia schools the chance to learn from the best that our two institutions can offer."We believe that the performing arts should have a significant role within today's global educational environment. By working with Nord Anglia, we can reach students from around the world to cultivate their skills and help guide them in their future growth."Don't miss the Re:locate Guide to International Education & Schools, published Autumn 2015.For more Re:locate news and features on Education & Schools, click here.