Essential advice for travel to and within Paris following the 13 November terrorist attacks

Following the declaration of a state of emergency in Paris, Re:locate Global asked medical and travel security specialist, International SOS for advice on travelling to and around Paris and France.

Arc de Triomphe, French flag
Rob Walker, Head of Information & Analysis, International SOS and Control Risks responded with this report and advice:

Advice to travellers in Paris:

  • Travel can resume though some delay and/ or disruption is likely, arising from increased security checks at ports of entry and key transport hubs.
  • Be vigilant, pay attention to your surroundings, and be prepared to respond to instructions from the authorities.
  • Consult trusted, reliable information sources for updates on the situation.
  • Travellers, particularly non-EU nationals, should have travel documents and ID on them at all times for use in any ID checks.
  • Note that due to the high number of casualties the Paris Public Healthcare system will be experiencing a strain on hospital bed availability.
  • The authorities have put a special phone number in place for information related to the attacks: 0800 40 60 05.

Advice to inbound travellers: Travel to France can resume, but consider the following in planning your itineraries:

  • Increased security measures and follow-up operations and security alerts in the coming hours are likely to cause significant delays and disruption in transport services, especially – though not exclusively – in Paris.
  • The authorities in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Ukraine have implemented increased security checks at their respective borders and in public locations following attacks. Other countries are likely to follow suit.
  • Short-notice travel restrictions as a result of fresh security alerts remain possible. Consequently, be flexible in your itineraries and allow ample time for travel check-in procedures.
  • Travellers should have travel documents and ID on them at all times for use in any ID checks.
  • All travellers should follow official instructions.

Companies with employees in – or travelling to – Paris:

  • Account for and communicate with staff in France or travelling there in the coming days.
  • Review the ability of staff to effectively conduct business travel to Paris at this time.
  • Consider offering psychological, emotional support for your employees.

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