UK and Belgian governments issue advice for travelling to and within Belgium

Following the Paris attacks, Belgium remains on high alert.

The schools and parts of the metro system will reopen (25 November) for the first time in four days, but the Brussels Region will remain at the highest state of alert for terrorism until 30 November, and the Belgian government assesses that the threat of a terrorist attack is serious and imminent.The public is advised to remain vigilant where there's a high concentration of people – for example in shopping centres, public transport and public events.The Belgian authorities have also advised that people can now go to their place of work but there's a heavy police and military presence in Brussels, including at transport hubs and public sites.Citizens and visitors are advised to follow the advice of local authorities and respect security controls. More information can be found on the Belgian Crisis Centre website and Twitter feed.Overground trains, (including international services), airports, trams and buses are operating. For live information on the Brussels transport network, travellers are advised to visit the STIB website or Twitter feed.Public events are likely to be cancelled and tourist attractions closed. Crèches, kindergartens, schools and universities in Brussels will reopen on 25 November.There have been a number of police raids in the Brussels region and other Belgian cities in recent days. Belgian security operations are likely to be carried out at short notice without warning. If you find yourself in an affected area you should follow the instructions of the Belgian security authorities.Police have also asked the public not to comment on police operations on social media.The threat level for the rest of Belgium (outside of the Brussels Region) is at 'level 3', a possible and real threat.Visitors to Belgium should:
  • Stay vigilant in places with large groups of people and respect security controls.
  • Follow the advice of local authorities and respect security controls.
To contact the emergency services in Belgium call 112.For advice on travelling to and within Paris and France, click hereFor more Re:locate news and features about business travel, click here