International schools in Singapore are expanding to match demand

With increasing numbers of expatriates in Singapore, and the Government’s policy of giving priority to Singaporeans, International Schools have seen a large uptake in applicants.

Singapore skyline
Schools such as Dulwich College, Gems academy and Australian International School are expanding in Singapore. They attribute the recent increase in demand to the Government's policy of giving priority to Singaporeans for school admission.Fees for international students attending local schools have increased considerably. International students are charged $800 a month to attended a local secondary school, compared to $550 to attend a primary school. A stark difference from the fees paid in 2009 – $226 a month for local secondary schools and $156 a month for local primary schools.The Ministry of Education (MOE) stated, "While MOE values the diversity that international students bring to our schools... we have to ensure that the needs of Singaporean students are adequately met first before considering the admission of international students."School search and education advice - connect with our in-country expertsThis has caused a large influx of applicants to International Schools in Singapore. 40,000 students were enrolled to International Schools in 2013, compared to the 45,000 students enrolled in 2015.For essential information about all aspects of state and independent education, universities, colleges and schools in the UK and across the globe, don't miss Re:locate's Guide to International Education & Schools. Click here for more details and to reserve your copy.

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