Greek crisis’ ‘moderate’ impact on expats and business travellers: Mercer

As the Greek bailout situation unfolds, global HR and mobility consultants Mercer have undertaken a snapshot survey to identify the impact on local and international businesses.

Illustration of Greek flag and a one euro coin
Mercer carried out the flash survey, Greek Pulse Survey: Impact on Your Employees, between 7–9 July, two days after the 5 July referendum in which 61 per cent of the Greek electorate voted against creditors’ proposals.The findings, reported in Mercer's Mobility Update newsletter, indicate how the Greek crisis is affecting some local employees, business travellers and expats at international organisations operating in Greece.According to Mercer, overall the results showed a “moderate impact on employees of international companies operating in Greece, with local employees most affected.”“Seventy-nine per cent of the participants have not changed plans for handling inpats into Greece or expats from Greece, while a few adjusted how or where inpats are paid,” notes Mercer.“Most companies have not made adjustments for payments to their employees in or from Greece as a result of the current monetary crisis.“Fewer than 30 per cent of participants are making medium-/long-term business decisions that impact their Greek business.”In addition to the findings, Mercer is also monitoring the events in Greece for their impact on employees. It adds that the entire country has experienced shortages of medicines and staple foods, such as flour and sugar.For more of the latest news and features from Re:locate on international assignments, please click here.