Kenya: Clearance Letter now required for Long-Term Work Permits in regulated industries

The Kenyan Department of Immigration Services has recently announced that long-term work permit applications for regulated industries will now require a new certification to be filed upon application submission.

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Effective immediately, these application packages must now include a Clearance Letter from that industry's governing body (for example, the Tourism Regulatory Authority, NGO Board, Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board, etc.).Although this new requirement will predominately affect work permit applicants in the Oil & Gas and Information & Media sectors, work permits filed in all regulated professions in Kenya will be required to provide this additional letter.The process and processing times to obtain a Clearance Letter from a governing industry body will differ depending on the specific authority, but can take upwards of several weeks for issuance. It is anticipated that obtaining these new letters will delay assignment start dates and overall processing timeframes while applicants wait for the clearances to be issued.Short-term work permits and passes are not affected by this new requirement.ACTION ITEMS FOR EMPLOYERSEmployers should note the possible delays to overall assignment start dates due to this new requirement. As the processing times will differ depending on the particular authority, it could take several days to several weeks for the specific governing industry body to issue the requisite Clearance Letter. Applications submitted without this letter face significant chances of being denied.
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