Preview Relocate’s new 2017 international education guide

A preview of the second edition of Relocate Global’s acclaimed Guide to International Education & Schools is now available. View it online, and register for your copy of the full guide.

Preview Relocate’s new 2017 international education guide
The latest edition of Relocate Global’s Guide to international Education & Schools will be available in April.Access the preview version here.
  • Practical education advice and information for families on the move – all in one place
  • Ideal for relocating families, employers and relocation professionals
  • Support relocating families and/or corporate clients with an exclusive co-branded edition

About the guide

Available in print and online, with unique editorial and lavish illustrations, Relocate Global’s Guide to International Education & Schools is perfect for relocating parents researching and securing school places for their children. It demystifies complex education issues and provides advice, insider knowledge and reassurance.The guide will also help busy HR departments and relocation professionals to provide the family support that is so vital to ensuring a successful relocation or international assignment.This new edition’s updated and extended content includes accessible and informative articles and practical advice covering everything from curriculum choices in relocation hotspots around the world – including the UK, the USA, Canada, Europe, China, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Middle East – to choosing a school and submitting an application, with features to reassure parents about schooling choices.Directories of schools and education consultants worldwide are also included.See full contents list below.

Benefits for you

  • Relocating parents: ensure your children’s success in their school years and beyond, and get your relocation or international assignment off to a flying start, by making the right education choices
  • HR, global managers and employers: provide parents who need school places in their new location with effective support and advice to make informed, equitable decisions that support your organisation's growth
  • Relocation professionals: minimise the risk of costly assignment failure for your corporate clients, and smooth the way for families choosing schools and homes in a new location
Register your interest in the full version of the guide (available April).Access the preview version here.

Co-branded editions

We offer co-branded editions, in print (including small print runs) or as an online edition/e-book or app under a licensing agreement.For each format, the following options are available:

Option A

  • Your logo on the front cover

Option B

  • Your logo on the front cover, with ‘Brought to you by [company name]’
  • Information about your company in the introduction
  • Comments from your company in Family Support (or other appropriate section)
  • Employers  – the opportunity to include details of your relocation and settling-in procedures, etc
We can also provide a bespoke edition (print or online), including additional tailored editorial and a cover design to complement your corporate branding.For details, call Fiona Murchie on +44 (0)1892 891334 or email



  • A future of unlimited opportunities 
  • Preparing students to be global citizens 
  • Exploring curriculum options 
  • The International Baccalaureate 
  • Comparing global education systems 
  • Living abroad with teenagers 
  • A pathway to career success 
  • The impact of mobility on children 
  • Giving girls the digital bug 
  • Technology in schools 
  • Preparing pupils for a diverse world 
  • The importance of languages


  • Choosing a new school 
  • At home in the world in an elite online school 
  • Finding the perfect fit 
  • Securing a school place out of term time 
  • Read the big print 
  • The value of education consultants 
  • Relocating a child with special educational needs


Asia Pacific

  • A new era for expatriate education in China? 
  • China’s expanding international school options 
  • Finding a school in Hong Kong 
  • Making high quality international education accessible in Hong Kong 
  • Choosing a school in Thailand 
  • International school options in Vietnam 
  • A Levels: the best fit for international pupils? 
  • Education and schools in Malaysia 
  • The changing face of international education in Indonesia 
  • International schools in Singapore 
  • Relocating to Singapore with teenagers 
  • In praise of adaptability 
  • Education in India


  • Education in Europe 
  • Schooling in France 
  • Education in the Netherlands 
  • Education in Germany 
  • A Swiss education 
  • Education in Spain 
  • A Russian education

United Kingdom

  • The education system in England 
  • British education delivering skills for the future 
  • Education after Brexit 
  • Choosing a boarding school in the UK 
  • The new boarding experience 
  • A single sex or mixed education: does it really matter?

Middle East

  • Choosing a school in the Middle East 
  • The importance of a creative, concept-based curriculum


  • Challenges of an African education

North America

  • Relocating to the US: choosing a school 
  • US education system explained 
  • Comparing the US and English education systems
  • A Canadian education


  • The rise of global student mobility 
  • Studying for success in the UK and US 
  • From Cairo to Harvard University 
  • Educating global citizens


  • Easing the transition to a new home and school
  • Language and cultural immersion for internationally relocating families
  • Happy landings and relocation support
  • Careers for relocating partners


  • Directory of schools 
  • Directory of services 
  • Directory of consultant contributors 
  • Directory of school associations 

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