Leadership & Management

As the race for global growth continues, leadership and management are at the top of the agenda for organisations in all sectors and of all sizes. Key external issues leaders and managers in multinational companies need to address include how to meet the challenges of an increasingly technologically advanced and demographically complex business world, the shift in economic power from west to east, and the rapid growth of some emerging markets. Read more

From an internal company perspective, leaders, managers and decision-makers must also consider the challenges posed by changing leadership styles, the rise of individualism, the ageing workforce, and the need to align employees’ career development aspirations with wider business objectives.

All these factors are combining to overturn the traditional assumptions that have long supported corporate decision-making and the creation of management policies and strategies. Critical to an organisation’s success in the globalised economy is minimising risks for the company and its employees, in such areas as immigration and expatriate tax, benefits and social security, by ensuring compliance with the legal and regulatory framework of the jurisdictions in which they operate.

As a leader or manager, you need an understanding of key management issues, with access to the facts about them. This section offers the latest management-related news, articles tools, videos, and resources, all in once place. Our directory will point you in the direction of relocation specialists and suppliers who can provide support and advice tailored to your organisation’s needs. Read less

Latest Leadership & Management News


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True diversity means considering background, says recruiter

Global talent acquisition and management consultancy, Alexander Mann Solutions, is helping organisations tap into talent from all income backgrounds to boost innovation and profitability.
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RSA proposes gig work charter

With its chief executive, Matthew Taylor, set to report to government in the summer, the RSA has published new research and recommendations on gig working in the UK.
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Workers log on, tune in, but unable to drop out: CIPD study

New research from the professional body for HR and people development into UK working habits find that a third of employees with remote IT access find it difficult to turn off from work.


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Technically adept, but leaders lack people skills: CIPD

A new assessment by HR professionals suggests senior leaders can do more to boost workforce potential by developing their people management skills.
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Trust in me: simple communications key

An online poll by the Academy of Executive Coaching suggests when it comes to how leaders can best build and maintain trust, plain speaking is a must.
Global Mobility Toolkit: Leadership and management development

Leadership and management development factsheet

A factsheet on strategies for leadership and management development is now available as part of Relocate’s new Global Mobility Toolkit. Download your free copy.


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Women sidelined in global assignments selection: BCG

Following its research debunking the impact of motherhood on career aspirations, management consultants Boston Consulting Group reveal new insights on women and global mobility.
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New report 'dispels myth' of motherhood’s impact on careers

A new study from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) finds the role of corporate culture outweighs that of motherhood in determining female representation at senior levels.
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CBI urges swifter progress on more inclusive workplaces

CBI director-general Carolyn Fairbairn is urging businesses to raise the pace of change and make workplace diversity a top strategic priority. She also warned the UK’s progress risked stalling in the face of current challenges.

Gen Y

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Study raises Millennial wellbeing and productivity concerns

Millennials are dogged by financial worries and report low levels of physical activity, according to 'Britain’s Healthiest Workplace' data, leading to concerns for the demographic's wellbeing and productivity.
Older, wiser and more productive

Older, wiser and more productive? New study

A new Europe-wide study sheds light on intergenerational experiences of workload, stress and resilience, suggesting older workers fair best on the three measures.
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Money worries linked to poor performance, warns CIPD study

A new report from the CIPD in conjunction with asset managers Close Brothers highlights the scale of employees’ financial worries and the impact on productivity.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ann Pickering 02 HRD speaking

‘No excuses for businesses' in driving diversity agenda

Government initiatives are focusing minds on more representative workforces. Yet hard-won gains are at risk. Relocate Global caught up with Ann Pickering, 02’s HR director and diversity champion, to explore where we are now – and what we need to do.
Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

Davos 2017: WEF seeks return to stakeholder roots

WEF founder Professor Klaus Schwab set out 2017’s key themes at a pre-conference briefing before this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos.
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CIPD chief urges HR to engage with key national and international issues

The CIPD’s annual conference and exhibition got underway today with its chief executive, Peter Cheese, urging HR professionals to “step up” and face the past 12 months’ turbulence head on.
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