Talent Management

Talent management is at the top of business agendas around the world. If they are to compete in global markets, organisations must recruit, retain and develop the best talent, often in fields where there are skills shortages. To do this successfully, they must fulfil the career aspirations of different generations of the workforce, from Millennials and Generation Y to Generation X and Baby Boomers, while ensuring they meet key business objectives, such as succession planning. Read more

Talent mobility – the movement of talent across an organisation’s departments, divisions and locations – plays an increasingly important part in global businesses’ talent management strategies. International assignments and relocations may both form part of a corporate talent mobility programme.

With contributions from experts, this section provides HR and talent managers, whether or not they are managing international assignments and global mobility, with the news, articles, tools and advice they need to keep up with the latest developments in talent management and formulate effective talent management solutions. It covers both policy and practice across a host of topics, including skills strategies, recruitment, and training and development, from career and leadership planning for graduate recruits and interns to developing women leaders and senior managers. Insights from the latest global mobility surveys are also featured.

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Latest Talent Management News

Photo of London's skyline

Lord Mayor says London must remain open to global talent

The London Lord Mayor and the Governor of the Bank of England warn that London business will suffer as a result of a ‘hard’ Brexit, emphasising the importance of retaining access to global talent.


Map of the UK image

UK employers ‘must prioritise EU workers’ to prevent exodus

The effects of the Brexit brain drain are already being felt in the UK. The healthcare sector is particularly hard hit - with a 96 percent drop in EU nurses registering for work in the UK.
Sign saying "come in, we're hiring"

HR experiences own skills shortages: new data

Analysis of vacancy data shows the demand for HR professionals has risen in the last year, according to the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo).
cut-e, US assessment company, logo

‘Pressure key motivator for expats’ study finds

Assessment-solutions company, cut-e, has released a report to help employers and HR managers determine ‘success factors’ for expats on international assignments.


Image of clock with time to learn superimposed

Apprentices struggle to find time to study, says Open University

New research from The Open University launched at the CIPD Learning and Development Show finds employers could do more to support apprentices and gain from the process.
Image of CIPD L&D show exhibition floor 2017

CIPD Learning and Development Show 2017: Learning at the core

The CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, hosted its annual learning and development (L&D) show on 10-11 May at London’s Olympia.
Image of young person looking upwards

Government should seize moment to raise skills ambitions: CIPD

The professional body for HR and people development’s response to the government's Industrial Strategy green paper notes the UK lags behind the most of Europe on at least four key measures, including literacy and numeracy, learning and development, and digital skills.


Images of bank of clocks telling time in major world cities

Overtime calculator reveals true cost of staying late

A new survey of working habits suggests the average UK employee works free until 9 March if unpaid hours are taken in to account.
Auckland skyline and Sky Tower by night

Australia and New Zealand reveal appeal in new Mercer index

Oceania makes a good showing in the latest ‘Quality of Life’ index from global HR consultancy Mercer, with two of the region's key cities appearing in the worldwide top ten.
Natural gas rig

‘Confidence returning’ to oil and gas recruitment: study

A review of the energy sector jobs market suggests rebounding oil prices will see talent demand pick up again after the past two years’ contraction.
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