Paris La Defense

France promises ‘best deal’ for expats after Brexit vote

The French government is pledging to make the country's tax regime for expats the most favourable in Europe in a move aimed at attracting banks and other financial institutions in London considering relocating after Britain's referendum vote to leave the European Union.


Young Britons

Young Britons in quest to remain EU citizens

Thousands of Britons – notably younger ones anxious to retain the right to live, work and travel freely abroad – are inquiring about obtaining citizenship in other European Union countries following the Brexit vote in last month's referendum.
European schoolchildren

European education: Preparing families for the challenges

To mark the launch of Relocate Global's Guide to International Education and Schools, Rebecca Marriage explores some of the challenges for international assignees when relocating to Europe with school-age children.
Berlin, Germany

Germany 'best country', UK top for education says global survey

Which country do people around the world regard as the planet's best? The answer, it seems, is Germany, with Canada and the UK in second and third places.

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Image of London bus driving through the city to illustrate an article about London defying the Brexit effect

London to defy Brexit effect & remain top 'City of Influence'

Colliers International launches new Cities of Influence report which says London will remain in the top spot.
Older, wiser and more productive

Older, wiser and more productive? New study

A new Europe-wide study sheds light on intergenerational experiences of workload, stress and resilience, suggesting older workers fair best on the three measures.
Severn Bridge in the morning

Cardiff beats London in Global Cities’ Talent Competitiveness Index

Quality of life, R&D investment, education and infrastructure combined to see Cardiff claim the UK's highest place in a new global index examining the talent competitiveness of major world cities.
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