Meet the Relocate team

Fiona Murchie - Managing Editor at Relocate
Fiona Murchie is Relocate's publisher and managing editor.  She has over 25 years experience working in management and HR publishing, and global mobility.  From this unique perspective, she contributes features to both the magazine and website, and commissions content across the media.   

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Louise Whitson - Senior Editor at Relocate
Louise Whitson is our Senior Editor.  She is a writer, editor and journalist with a background in book and magazine publishing, marketing and PR.  As well as editing Re:locate magazine, she contributes news and articles on a range of subjects to the magazine and its website, specialising in property and related fields.  

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David Sapsted, award-winning journalist for Relocate Global
David Sapsted is a former chief reporter on The Times, news editor and New York correspondent on The Daily Telegraph.  He was UK correspondent of The National, an English-language daily in the UAE.  

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Mark E Johnson, Relocate journalist
Mark E Johnson is a writer and journalist who has been covering the rapidly growing videogames industry for the last six years.  He also writes about technology and business.  He contributes to a range of blogs including The Guardian and Athletics Weekly.

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Ruth Holmes, Journalist for Relocate
Ruth Holmes is a journalist who focuses primarily on the HR aspect of global mobility. Researching and writing articles on talent management, pay and benefits, and the inter-generational workforce, Ruth has almost two decades’ experience in the field. Her interest in international HR also regularly sees her following emerging economy developments in Asia and Africa.

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Allison Pettitt of Relocate Global
Ali Pettitt has a wealth of international experience. A fluent French speaker, she has lived and worked in Bermuda, France, New Zealand and Switzerland. As well as experience in HR and sports management, Ali is CELTA /TESOL qualified and has taught business English to corporations and worked in a bilingual international school in Switzerland. She is Relocate Global's Project Manager, and is working on the development of our education business, including our guides to UK and international education and schools, plus relocation and careers support.  

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Contact Ali at:  | +44 (0)1892 891334

Carla Danella - Content Manager at Relocate
Carla Danella is our Content Manager and works on digital strategy with Relocate's online team.  She comes to Relocate from Lucasfilm and Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco, where she was a Web Producer and Content Manager.  

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Vanessa McConnell at Relocate
Vanessa McConnell, the Relocation Manager for Profile Locations, looks after our team of consultants  - and clients who are relocating their employees. Services include home finding, school search, career support for accompanying partners and HR Consultancy.  Previously she worked for Pricoa (formerly Karen Deane Relocations) and has nearly 20 years experience in the industry. 

Contact Vanessa at:  | +44 (0)1892 891334