International Assignments

Multinational companies frequently need to send their employees on an international assignment to work in an overseas location or regional office, whether to complete a project or as part of their professional development. As businesses compete for global growth, the number of international assignments is on the rise.

Whether they are long-term, short-term, commuter or project assignments, each type brings its own challenges for global mobility managers, and risks for the company and the assignee. Localisation, repatriation and business travel can also fall under the umbrella of international assignment services.

In many organisations HR managers are responsible for managing international assignments. Even if the number of international assignees is small, this is a complex area. Only a few multinationals have HR global mobility specialists. It is therefore essential for HR managers to have the knowledge to ensure that their companies are fully compliant in managing international relocation and the raft of international assignment services – such as immigration, expatriate tax and benefits, social security obligations, and international pensions – that underpin overseas operations.

This section provides practical advice and information for HR and global managers managing international teams or setting up in a new overseas dominion. It covers the latest trends in relocation policy and expatriate benefits, and points you in the direction of experts across the global mobility industry. It includes the latest news, features, how-to guides, and tools and resources to support overseas assignments and inbound relocation moves and domestic relocations.

Latest International Assignments News
US UK university rankings

US and UK universities 'world's best'

American and British universities dominate the top 10 places in this year's World University Rankings, compiled by Times Higher Education (THE) and now embracing 800 institutions worldwide.
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Graebel Relocation

Graebel Relocation is a global company that administers world-class relocation and removals services for clients in the Global 100 and the Fortune 500, and for small to mid-sized and emerging firms across the globe. From Graebel centres located in EMEA, APAC and the Americas, the company’s industry-experienced staff are dedicated to exceeding clients’ and their assignees’ expectations.

Property in usa

US Property Picture 2015

The US real-estate market has been on a parallel course with the improving economy for several years. We have witnessed double-digit increases in homeowner and tenant activity in 2015.
Dual Career Partnerships

The challenges of dual-career couples

Dual-career couples are a fact of 21st-century life. In this abridged version of a white paper, Graebel Relocation considers how this trend is affecting global relocation and international assignments.
Graebel, SilverDoor and BAL Immigration champagne tasting for Lumos charity

Graebel, SilverDoor and BAL Immigration host charity champagne tasting event

Graebel, in collaboration with SilverDoor and BAL Immigration, hosted an evening of champagne tasting on Wednesday, 29 July with a number of leading mobility industry figures in attendance, in order to raise money and awareness for the international children’s charity, Lumos.
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Global Mobility

Canadians on the move

Despite some economic headwinds, mobility of key talent remains a priority for business success in Canada, says Stephen Cryne, president and CEO of the Canadian Employee Relocation Council.
global mobility

Fast forward to 2020 – The future of global mobility?

Inspired by a session at the forthcoming Worldwide ERC conference in Boston, Fiona Murchie asked some leading global mobility practitioners for their perspectives on the current and future global mobility scene.
American skyline

U$ on the rise

The falls in US GDP seen earlier this year have been reversed, with indicators showing that the economic recovery continues to gain momentum. All change is the new reality, and the US relocation industry is shaping up to the future, as Fiona Murchie reports.
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Business meeting in Mexico

Steps to harnessing the wealth of trading opportunities in Mexico

Operating free trade agreements with over 40 countries and transforming itself from a commodity and agricultural-based economy to one dominated by manufacturing and services, Mexico presents a wealth of opportunities in international trade.
Intercultural competence

Intercultural Competence needed at the top

Cross-cultural training often focuses on those undertaking international assignments, rather than on senior decision-makers.
Lost in China

New guide to overcoming China relocation headaches

A new guide and a video have been produced to help companies relocating staff to China, described as “one of the most challenging” environments both for firms and transferees.
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Family arriving home from relocation assignment

Companies ‘failing’ expat employees returning home

Multinationals are failing to do enough to prepare expat staff for life back home when they return from overseas assignments, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

Scotland Yard: London has no danger areas

Scotland Yard was left quietly seething after the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) foreign ministry issued maps of "dangerous areas" in London that visitors should avoid.

Going ‘home’ – successful repatriation of international assignees

The need to support assignees as they begin international assignments is on the whole well understood and well provided for by the majority of global organisations, however, the topic of ‘going home’ is sometimes overlooked.
relocated professionals

United Kingdom: Changes to points table for restricted TIER 2 CoS

In response to the continued oversubscription of restricted TIER 2 General Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS), the UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) will implement changes to the points-based allocation system.
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Healix wins Relocate award

Healix International – Global Health & Wellness

Now in its second year, Re:locate’s health and wellness award reflects the growing awareness among employers of the contribution made by health and wellness initiatives to the welfare of their staff and the success of their businesses.
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US UK university rankings

US and UK universities 'world's best'

American and British universities dominate the top 10 places in this year's World University Rankings, compiled by Times Higher Education (THE) and now embracing 800 institutions worldwide.
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International business people

International pay and benefits: Responsible rewards

Tighter legislation, corporate governance and public scrutiny are putting international and executive pay and benefits under spotlight as never before.
Business team looking at financial projections

Unlocking the retention power of the end-of-service gratuity

Are corporate retirement savings schemes becoming the secret weapon in the battle for talent?
Business team planning international expansion

Assignment compensation: Issues to consider in expatriate reward

At the Symposium Events Expatriate Management and Global Mobility Forum 2014, presentations from AIRINC, Mercer and Atkins highlighted issues to consider when delivering remuneration to international assignees.
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