International Assignments

Multinational companies frequently need to send their employees on an international assignment to work in an overseas location or regional office, whether to complete a project or as part of their professional development. As businesses compete for global growth, the number of international assignments is on the rise. Read more

Whether they are long-term, short-term, commuter or project assignments, each type brings its own challenges for global mobility managers, and risks for the company and the assignee. Localisation, repatriation and business travel can also fall under the umbrella of international assignment services.

In many organisations HR managers are responsible for managing international assignments. Even if the number of international assignees is small, this is a complex area. Only a few multinationals have HR global mobility specialists. It is therefore essential for HR managers to have the knowledge to ensure that their companies are fully compliant in managing international relocation and the raft of international assignment services – such as immigration, expatriate tax and benefits, social security obligations, and international pensions – that underpin overseas operations.

This section provides practical advice and information for HR and global managers managing international teams or setting up in a new overseas dominion. It covers the latest trends in relocation policy and expatriate benefits, and points you in the direction of experts across the global mobility industry. It includes the latest news, features, how-to guides, and tools and resources to support overseas assignments and inbound relocation moves and domestic relocations. Read less

GXP Summit 2017

The Global Expansion Summit 2017 gathered together experts from around the world to discuss cross-border and international strategy. Relocate Magazine's Fiona Murchie was moderating at the event.

Relocate magazine Autumn 2016


Relocation policy design and review

To ensure that they have the right people in the right place at the right time, organisations that move individuals or groups of employees need to address how to provide cost-effective yet motivating benefits packages.
Grant Thornton_HR Strategy

Brexit strategies: how can mobility manage the challenges ahead?

Grant Thornton’s Relocate-award-winning talent mobility team manages mobility by testing assumptions and working with the business and assignees. We report on what this approach means during the post-EU-referendum uncertainty.

Accommodating short-term business visitors

Will the rise in short-term business visitors help serviced apartment providers and HR global mobility managers to ride the waves that are being thrown up by the choppy conditions of Brexit, the global economy and currency turmoil?

Latest International Assignments News

Worldwide ERC

Doing business via mobile

Reimagining mobility: A European perspective

A fascinating, sometimes provocative, panel discussion at Worldwide ERC’s EMEA talent conference in London offered the view from Europe on mobility’s future challenges.
Malcolm Rifkind

Perspectives on mobility in an age of complexity

Former UK Foreign and Defence Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind used his platform at Worldwide ERC’s Talent Mobility in EMEA conference to offer his insights into today’s pressing political issues.
Woman business leader with her team

How to be seen and heard by leadership

At Worldwide ERC’s EMEA Global Mobility Summit in London, two organisational global mobility professionals reported on how they ensure top management knows what they do and how they add value to their organisations.

Global Mobility

Next round of immigration changes to take place in Australia

Next round of immigration changes to take place in Australia

The second round of changes to Australia’s employment-based immigration, permanent residence and citizenship rules are to take effect on 1 July 2017 as the country begins an immigration overhaul.
As nations sever ties with Qatar, how will it affect mobility?

As nations sever ties with Qatar, how will it affect mobility?

As Saudi Arabia, the UAE and several other nations sever diplomatic ties with Qatar over terrorism allegations, how will the results affect global mobility, business travel and shipping in the region?
mobility child

The impact of mobility on children

While a relocation offers a multitude of opportunities, it can also be daunting, particularly for children, who are leaving behind their home, school and friends, says child psychologist Douglas Ota.


Image of Marina Bay Sands hotel

Singapore cements reputation for quality of life: study

Singapore ranks highest among Asia-Pacific countries for quality of life on the latest Mercer 'Quality of Living' index.
London City Hall spiral staircase

UK voluntary Living Wage rise welcomed, but caution on inflation

Kicking off Living Wage Week, the Living Wage Foundation has announced the UK’s new voluntary national Living Wage rates of £8.45, rising to £9.75 for London.

What are the international-school options in China?

APAC is seeing rapid growth in schools thanks to economic expansion and mobility. Over-subscribed schools face competition from new contenders and local populations are keen to educate their children in prestigious institutions.


Man on a bike in city

Mid-life pension MOTs on road to longer working lives

Former CBI Director-General John Cridland has published his review into the State Pension Age (SPA). It recommends raising the SPA, options for people unable to work in later life and mid-career pensions planning advice.

Immigrants and returning expats 'lead business start-ups'

Immigrants and returning expatriates are more likely to start their own business than people born in the UK and continuously resident in the country, according to a new report.
US students

Repatriation after US assignment top challenge for relocating families with school age children

The latest Trends in Global Relocation report from global relocation services provider Cartus, reveals the top challenges facing families moving to international relocation hot spots.


Cutting ties with Qatar: what’s the effect on mobility?

Cutting ties with Qatar: what’s the effect on mobility?

As seven nations in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt, cut ties with Qatar over terrorism claims, Move One looks at the likely disruption to routing and shipments in the region.



Piles of pound coins

CIPD joins High Pay Centre to advocate ethical executive pay

The professional body for HR and people development and the think-tank respond to the government’s green paper on corporate governance with a call for a “major rethink.”
Athlete clearing a high jump

Is a core-flex policy the answer to global mobility needs in 2017?

A phalanx of new reports suggests locally-focused and flexible mobility policies are increasingly the policy solution of choice for companies looking to best match employee and employer needs. Here, Lisa Johnson, global practice leader of Crown World Mobility's consulting services, outlines the advantages to a core-flex approach.
Cartus 2016 Global Mobility Policy and Practices Survey

Global mobility needs to be more flexible, says Cartus survey

Global relocation support provider Cartus has released its seventh "Trends in Global Relocation" survey, showing cost concerns and the need for greater flexibility as the most influential factors.
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