International Assignments

Multinational companies frequently need to send their employees on an international assignment to work in an overseas location or regional office, whether to complete a project or as part of their professional development. As businesses compete for global growth, the number of international assignments is on the rise. Read more

Whether they are long-term, short-term, commuter or project assignments, each type brings its own challenges for global mobility managers, and risks for the company and the assignee. Localisation, repatriation and business travel can also fall under the umbrella of international assignment services.

In many organisations HR managers are responsible for managing international assignments. Even if the number of international assignees is small, this is a complex area. Only a few multinationals have HR global mobility specialists. It is therefore essential for HR managers to have the knowledge to ensure that their companies are fully compliant in managing international relocation and the raft of international assignment services – such as immigration, expatriate tax and benefits, social security obligations, and international pensions – that underpin overseas operations.

This section provides practical advice and information for HR and global managers managing international teams or setting up in a new overseas dominion. It covers the latest trends in relocation policy and expatriate benefits, and points you in the direction of experts across the global mobility industry. It includes the latest news, features, how-to guides, and tools and resources to support overseas assignments and inbound relocation moves and domestic relocations. Read less

Altair Global – Sponsors of the HR Team of the Year at Re:locate Awards 2015/16
Group of employees

Altair Global’s Relocation Productivity Study findings

Altair Global recently released the findings of a new study on the effects of relocation on an employee’s productivity that in turn directly ties to the employer’s bottom line.
Global Mobility

Total of EU nurses arriving in UK rises by a fifth in a year

More than 33,000 nurses currently working in the UK were trained in other European Union countries, data obtained by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has shown.
Expat Business Travel

Expat costs in UK top financial hub rankings

For the second year running, the United Kingdom has the highest global expatriate package costs among the top 40 financial hub nations surveyed by ECA International in its annual MyExpatriate Market Pay report.
Netherlands work permits

Netherlands: Work Permit Exemption for Japanese Nationals Ends in October

The current exemption allowing Japanese nationals to work in the Netherlands without formal work authorization will end October 1, 2016. After this deadline, Japanese workers will need to obtain work permits prior to engaging in work activities or assignments in the country.
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What are the international-school options in China?

APAC is seeing rapid growth in schools thanks to economic expansion and mobility. Over-subscribed schools face competition from new contenders and local populations are keen to educate their children in prestigious institutions.
choosing an international school in China

A new era for expatriate education in China?

Rebecca Marriage looks at the impact of changes on families moving to China and what they mean when it comes to making school choices.

Securing a place at a top UK school

Ahead of the Country Life Future Schools Fair - Expat in London, 16 July, we take a look at what families making an inbound transition to the UK will need to consider when making a school application.
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Immigrants and returning expats 'lead business start-ups'

Immigrants and returning expatriates are more likely to start their own business than people born in the UK and continuously resident in the country, according to a new report.
US students

Repatriation after US assignment top challenge for relocating families with school age children

The latest Trends in Global Relocation report from global relocation services provider Cartus, reveals the top challenges facing families moving to international relocation hot spots.
Family arriving home from relocation assignment

Companies ‘failing’ expat employees returning home

Multinationals are failing to do enough to prepare expat staff for life back home when they return from overseas assignments, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.
business travel

Are your short-term assignments compliant?

As governments continue to become more vigilant regarding immigration rules and regulations, it is more important than ever for companies to have a clear compliance policy in regard to short-term assignments.
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surveying talent

Survey of surveys reveals the future of talent mobility

Talent mobility will play a key part in enabling business leaders to meet the challenges of a global business world that is more technologically advanced, demographically complex and geographically diverse than ever before, says a new study.
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MOVE Guides Exception Management

Exception management – The unexpected costs and benefits

Companies generally have relocation and assignment policies to govern what an employee will and will not receive during their assignment, amongst other aspects.
Changing times in global mobility

Re:locate Perspectives video: All change for global mobility?

Looking towards the future, Bill Graebel discusses the challenges Graebel Companies' clients face today, from regulatory pressure to market volatility.
The future of global mobility

Re:locate Perspectives video: What does the future hold for global mobility?

Is the traditional, long-term assignment dying out? Bill Graebel, CEO of Graebel Companies, inc. looks into the future of global mobility.
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