Future Fit Global Talent Mobility – New Horizons Webinar

Date: Thursday, 29 October 2020, 2pm BST

Hosted by Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor, speakers include:

Louise Worbey, Global Mobility Leader, KPMG International
Lisa Johnson, Global Practice Leader, Crown World Mobility
Robert Fletcher, Co-Founder, Heart Relocation
Anthea Dimitrakopoulos, General Manager Sales, Quest Apartment Hotels

The pandemic has accelerated change but international experience is still highly valued and there is a desire for more collaboration to solve global problems. There are opportunities as well as challenges ahead but the global mobility sector should be well placed to lead in areas such as compliance, cultural awareness and inclusion as well as complex cost and compliance tracking and talent engagement and management.

In this lively, interactive webinar, we cover the global mobility and talent management perspectives as organisations adjust to the new normal across – UK & Europe, ME, Americas, APAC and Australia/New Zealand.

We explore the growing appetite from forward thinking organisations and their employees for flexible working solutions, greater inclusion and diversity and accelerated preparation for the future workplace which will inevitably need to include more digital, AI, robotics and data analytics.

Discover the practical back to work mobility solutions, products and services that are now available as organisations respond to wellbeing, duty of care and safety concerns .

Learn from the latest trends and surveys to inform your decision making.

With contributions from a host of experts including Relocate Global and Think Global People Award winners there will be plenty of insights to share with colleagues and stakeholders as you accelerate your growth and recovery plans.

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