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Panellists and chair at the Oxyzn Empower HER HR networ event March 2024

Reimagining empowerment: women, wellbeing and work

The wellbeing at work message is landing. From adopting flexible working practices for all to being mindful of mental health, good employers know that safeguarding employee wellbeing generates organisational wealth.


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British international schools lead through global change

New data from COBIS shows the continued appeal of a high-quality international British education. COBIS members globally are responding to fast-evolving trends in edutech, wellbeing, curriculum and qualification choice, staff and student diversity.
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Supporting international students’ wellbeing at university

Positive transitions-care for lifelong wellbeing is becoming widely understood in schools around the world. New research and practice, discussed at SPAN’s 2023 Global Symposium, shows how vital these links are for international university students, too.


Innovations in international working

Innovations in international working

The Innovation Festival for Global Working’s 'Future of Global Mobility & Education Hub' offered perspective-shifting insights into how to support all assignees achieve fulfilling and productive international moves that are geared to personal and economic growth.

Short-and long-term accommodation

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UK retains second spot in Europe for FDI

Political upheaval in the UK are believed to be behind a slight fall in foreign direct investment (FDI) last year. Yet the nation retained its position as second most attractive place in Europe for overseas funding, thanks to its 'global approach'.
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