Global Health and Wellness

As companies look further afield to promote growth and operational capability, each day's media headlines – whether on air pollution in China or the latest disease epidemic or superbug – present employers based in affected areas and those managing international assignments with fresh health and wellness challenges. Read more

No organisation today can afford to neglect its duty of care. To reduce health risks to individuals, and business and reputational risks to their employers, planning, preparation and up-to-date information are vital. Health and safety awareness should be included in international assignment preparation and intercultural training. Ensuring that international assignees, particularly those based in remote locations, are always connected is also key. This has been made easier by the advance of travel-tracking technology solutions, apps, and social media.

With contributions from experts, this section provides HR, global mobility professionals and relocating employees with the news, articles, and advice they need to keep up with the latest developments in health and wellness and stay abreast of medical and health alerts and advice, international private medical insurance (IPMI), wellness at work, family health and security management, and health-related technology. It also features insights from the latest global mobility surveys.

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Latest Health Features

Medical and Health Alerts

Supporting expat health: is it high touch versus high tech?

Supporting expat health: is it high touch versus high tech?

Among the wealth of digital technology supporting relocation and international assignments is a growing range of innovative products to promote the health and wellbeing of assignees and their families.
New diabetes research centre 'vote of confidence in UK science'

Diabetes research centre 'vote of confidence in UK science'

Novo Nordisk has announced that it is to invest £115 million in a new diabetes research centre at Oxford University in a boost for the UK's R&D standing.
10 things to know about healthcare in Dubai

10 things to know about medical treatment in Dubai

Healthcare is one of the most important considerations for relocating employees and with Dubai regularly ranking as one of the most popular destinations for expats these tips for medical treatment are essential.

Views and Trends

Father and son preparing food

International Men’s Day: the global mobility aspect

International Men's Day takes place this Sunday. Its focus is on improving men's and boys' health, improving gender relations and equality, and highlighting positive male role models.
Employee health and wellness in the workplace

Employee health and wellbeing rising up corporate agenda

Employers are increasingly concerned by the impact of employee health on performance, suggests report by Aon. Both physical and mental health issues are moving further up businesses agendas.
Image of an hour-glass and newspaper

CIPD advises firms to review HR polices for aging workforce

New research from the CIPD suggests people are preparing to stay longer in the workforce, but that employers are currently underprepared to support them effectively.

Security Management

Zurich skyline

Health and security risks in expat destinations: Switzerland

Switzerland has much to draw international assignees and business from around the world. We take a look at some health and security risks associated with assignment within the country.

Family Health

Time to Talk Day

Time to Talk Day 2018: Two-thirds find no time to talk

A study marking Time to Talk Day show two-thirds of people have no one to talk to about personal problems, as the awareness day goes global for the first time.
Embarrassed to discuss mental health issues at work?

Employees embarrassed to admit mental health issues

Failing to help workers with mental health issues can be detrimental to a business. A recent study found more than half of workers in the UK are too embarrassed to admit mental health issue at work.
Health and wellbeing

Wellbeing worries highest among globally mobile population

Health and personal safety concerns are a more significant issue for globally mobile employees than the general employee population, according to a major new survey by Cigna Global Health Services.
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