Why Transition Matters

The International School of Kuala Lumpur discusses how they managing change to enable a smooth transition.

Why Transition Matters ISKL Blog 3.23
The International School of Kuala Lumpur is an educational institution built upon the ethics of understanding transition, whether it be between countries, grades, departments, or campuses. Proven methods, using the guidance of experienced and insightful knowledge, focus on supporting and assisting students, parents, teachers, and community members in the transition process. ISKL believes that managing change requires a two-way partnership guided by developing confidence in ISKL’s educational and cultural philosophy. This enables a smooth transition and efficient navigation of pathways to lead to a brighter future. Transition is part of many stages of life, and growth comes with change. This broadening of horizons and minds extends through personal, academic, and emotional layers to consider the importance of change and its relative influence on transition. Uncertainty and unrealistic expectations can and often do negatively impact this transition process. However, the initial management intervention programs/workshops that ISKL offers are integral in the process of building upon and maintaining an individual’s positive emotional and mental wellness. With this in mind, ISKL’s team of support professionals guide and assist in understanding the associated imbalance of emotions (e.g., exhilaration, excitement, disappointment, doubt) that may be experienced, as well as a focus on communication skills. Armed with these tools encourages a key understanding that mixed feelings are a natural transformation process within transition. In essence, it encourages a sense that whatever stage of life ‘transition matters’. Learn more about the steering committee behind transitional care at ISKL.‘Transition Workshops’ encourage attendees to bond by sharing advice, implementing transition tools, and offering open communication opportunities for individuals to feel united in a community of change and growth. An array of personal management skills are introduced to provide long-lasting results in managing the many elements of transition that encourage a positive response to change, resulting in an individual’s growth and resilience. It is important to note that “feelings” of change are not exclusive to children. Adults, whether teachers, parents, or community members, need to manage transition effectively to translate a positive perception and response mechanism onto their students and/or children. For this reason, all community members are invited to share their wonders, experiences, and personal tools with a broader audience as supportive aids. Simply being prepared to accept different life experiences can offer and how challenges can be the unearthing of an exciting future help other families manage every transition spectrum.
Why Transition Matters ISKL Blog 3.23.1
While each transition story differs in the circumstances, the overall impact can mainly be categorized into academic or emotional health, with an overlap occurring at any stage. This management of change is vital in establishing new routines that ease the transition into either and/or a new school, job role, or country, with each family member having their own individual challenges to accept and contend with. ISKL’s initiatives are a positive pathway to nurture everyone to be prepared for what may unfold with strategies that can be easily adapted. ISKL is one step ahead in securing your personal well-being during the transitional process. As well as offering constructive advice on a one-to-one basis or within group sessions, they have produced a useful and informative resource guide for families approaching their notion of change here.ISKL would like to introduce you to ‘managing transition’ stories from our community members that may prove helpful in relating to your circumstances here. If you’d like to come and tour ISKL, you can do so by booking a live virtual tour of the ISKL campus here.
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