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Cross-cultural and language training is now considered essential preparation for any international assignment, benefiting both the individual and the employer. However, ‘culture shock’ – which adds to the pressure on an employee who might already be coping with the demands of a new job, and can also affect accompanying family members – may lead to assignment failure. This is disruptive for the family, and costly for the company. The up-to-the-minute international business, culture and language news in this section can help you navigate the highs and lows of corporate relocation.

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The challenges and opportunities of helping Indian clients to relocate

Marianne Curphey speaks to Simon Johnston, CEO of Icon Relocation, one of the fastest growing relocation companies in the UK, about the challenges of relocating employees from India to destinations around the globe.


Chinese and US flag illustrates the Sept 2018 weekly Relocate news roundup which includes an article about the US/China trade war and expats who vow to keep their firms in China.

Weekly news roundup: 20 September 2018

This week's David Sapsted roundup includes information about the UK economy, Brexit, expat taxes in The Netherlands, the US-China "trade war", a neoliberal think tank proposed "free trade agreement" between the US and UK, and new visa laws for expat retirees in the UAE.
French Nationality Ranked Highest in the World

French Nationality Ranked Highest in the World

France’s quality of nationality is the best in the world, according to the third edition of the Henley & Partners – Kochenov Quality of Nationality Index (QNI).
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Which city is best for expat lifestyle and culture?

Culture and lifestyle continue to draw expats around the world, in their latest Expat Explorer survey, HSBC expat, rates cities for their lifestyle and cultural attraction.


The importance of languages in improving career prospects: Merchiston

Languages: opening a world of opportunities

Learning a new language is one of the first – and greatest – challenges of relocating to another country. We look at the opportunities that it provides and find out how some of the UK’s top independent schools approach language teaching.
Learning languages improves children’s career prospects

Learning languages improves children’s career prospects

Peter Kotrc, CEO of Berlin Brandenburg International School, exhorts us to embrace the language opportunities that relocating to a new country brings and explains how to choose a school that develops them.
Learning a new language for business with confidence

Learning a new language for business with confidence

The Rosetta Stone Catalyst is a new language-learning tool for businesses that identifies employee’s needs and provides targeted training to increase successful acquisition of a new language.
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