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Watch the latest webinar recordings to help international parents choose the right school for their child, keep informed on developments across international education and transition their family well.Access plenty of practical information and resources to update employers and relocation professionals supporting international assignments and relocation, or those managing and recruiting global teams.Explore-ICS-Paris-A-Gateway-to-an-international-Education-Parisian-Living-webinar-intext

Explore ICS Paris: A Gateway to an international Education & Parisian Living

Jessica O’Brien, Senior Admissions Manager and Amanda Casleton, Bilingual and Multilingual Learners (BML) Coordinator, ICS Paris.The-Benefits-of-a-Bilingual-Education-webinar-webinar-intext

The Benefits of a Bilingual Education

Gina Bianchi, Head of School at ICS Côte d’Azur.Exploring_the_English_National_Curriculum_on_the_French_Riviera_webinar-intext

Exploring the English National Curriculum on the French Riviera

James Wellings, Head of School at Mougins School.Latest_on_cross_cultural_positive_transitions-care_webinar-intext

Latest on cross cultural positive transitions-care

Valérie Besanceney, Executive Director, SPAN (Safe Passage Across Networks) and Claudine Hakim Head of Transitions Care & Student Support and Zack Ekert, Head of Multilingualism at the International School of London.Future-orientated-education-in-Singapore-webinar-intext

Future-Oriented Education in Singapore

Tammy Murphy, XWA Head of School and XCL CEO Singapore SchoolsSalem-International-Boarding-School-webinar-Nov-23-intext

A unique IB programme in a unique boarding environment

Constanze Schummer, IB Coordinator, Salem International Boarding Schoolthe-journey-pheasant-dreams-paul-williamson-webinar-intext

The Journey – How the arts, creativity and storytelling can unlock profound insight for everyone

Paul Williamson, author and Head of talent development, Ambassador Theatre Group

An Introduction to Kings InterHigh webinar with Ashley Harrold, CEO of Inspired Online Schools in conversation with Fiona Murchie - intext banner

An Introduction to King's InterHigh

Ashley Harrold, CEO, Inspired Online SchoolsEpsom College Malaysia Webinar Spring 23 intext

Future Ready Education for Future Success

Kate Carden-Brown, Director of Admissions and Head of Higher Education, Epsom College in MalaysiaIESF 22 STEAM watch now in text

The importance of STEAM for children and the future

Ryan Ball, Design and Technology Association and Steven Katz, The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL)IESF 22 Globally mobile teen watch now in text

How to choose the right university for your globally mobile teen

Marianne Curphey, Fiona McKenzie, Carfax Education and Fiona Murchie, Relocate GlobalIESF 22 ISSET In text watch now

Mission Discovery Space and STEM with ISSET and NASA

Chris Barber, ISSET and Sarah Murray, ISSET/NASAIESF_au22_Inner_Wings_intext

Helping Children Find Their Voice

Ellen Shustik, Head of Programmes and External Relations, Inner WingsIn conversation with Fiona Murchie21k intext banner

Borderless Online International Education Anywhere, Anytime, Any Child

Santosh Kumar, Co-Founder and CEOYeshwanth Raj Parasmal, Co-Founder and COOIn conversation with Fiona Murchieeerde image

A Unique Education Experience in The Netherlands

Niki Holterman, Director at Eerde International Boarding SchoolIn conversation with Fiona MurchieACM Webinar

The Future of Work, impact on education today

Cynthia Davis Hall, Director of Admissions and Advancement at American School of MilanJane Segre, Director of Teaching and Learning at American School of MilanChristopher Briner, Science Departmner Corrdinator and IB DP Biology teacher at American School of MilanPeter Damroth, Upper Primary Science Educator at American School of MilanIn conversation with Fiona Murchie
ISKL Identity centered learning webinar

Vox ISKL: Why identity-centered learning makes a difference to your child

DEIJ Lead, Joel Jr. Llaban joined by internationl expert, David Wickner
What you need to know about school and family transitions in the Covid world webinar

What you need to know about school and family transitions in the Covid world

Aleka Bilan, SPAN Safe Passage Across NetworksIn conversation with Fiona Murchie
Focusing on inclusion from an early age

Focusing on inclusion from an early age

Carmen Powell, author of three children’s books and professional educatorIn conversation with Fiona Murchie
Outstanding early years education for international families

Outstanding early years education for international families

Melodi Jordan, Head of Lower School, TASIS The American School in EnglandCarmen Powell, children’s author and education professionalIn conversation with Fiona Murchie
Virtual school options for international students

Virtual school options for international students

Mark O’Donoghue, CEO and Executive Head, King’s InterHighIn conversation with Fiona Murchie
Learning Differences: Virtual School Option

Learning Differences: Virtual School Option

Amy Oswalt, Head of Global Division and Director of Innovation, The Lab School of WashingtonIn conversation with Fiona Murchie
Admissions Done Well: Success for Everyone webinar

Admission done well: success for everyone

Claudine Hakim, Head of Advancement, Transitions and Student Support, International School of LondonJulia Love, Director of Admissions, The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL)In conversation with Fiona Murchie
Third Culture Kids Today webinar

Third Culture Kids Today

Ruth Van Reken, author and speaker on global mobility for families and individuals.In conversation with Fiona Murchie

Redefining a School’s Purpose: Insights into Innovative Learning, Teaching and Curriculum

Jeff Farrington, High School Principal, The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL)
Choosing the Curriculum webinar

Choosing the Right Curriculum and the Future of International Schools

Tony Piper, Vice Principal and Head of Senior School, Jerudong International School, BruneiMireille Rabaté, Head of School, Lycée International De Londres Winston ChurchillKili Lay, Director of Curriculum and Staff Development, American School of The HagueIn conversation with Fiona Murchie 

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