An Introduction to King's InterHigh

Ashley Harrold, CEO of Inspired Online Schools in conversation with Fiona Murchie

King’s InterHigh is a leading online school with over 16 years of experience offering interactive live lessons by expert teachers.In this webinar interview with Ashley Harris, CEO, Inspired Online Schools you will Discover how your child can thrive as part of Inter High’s welcoming school community. Bringing the British curriculum to children around the world and now also the IB Diploma option.Discover why, Kings InterHigh is perfect for expat children and families on international assignment, as well as international families on the move and needing a flexible life style.Learn how the school supports students across around the world on different time zones including UK, Middle East and Southeast Asia.Technology is always a big topic when it comes to education. You will learn how King’s InterHigh utilises technology to better educate students, touching on topical areas such as Metaverse, AI as well as class room set up.Parents are often concerned about socialisation if they opt for online learning but you will discover there are plenty of opportunities to ensure children don’t miss out on the social aspects of school that a physical school can offer.This webinar is a great opportunity to explore online schooling whatever your circumstances.Read more in the feature from Ruth Holmes.An Introduction to Kings InterHigh webinar intext 2023