Human Resources

The HR department (other names for which include Human Capital and the now old-fashioned Personnel) has a broad remit that generally includes recruitment, payroll and benefits, redundancies and outplacement, and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations in such areas as immigration, tax and social security. Talent management may also form part of it. Read more

In all but large multinational companies, which employ HR global mobility specialists, responsibility for the management of international assignments often falls to HR managers, whether they are in a generalist role or a compensation and benefits department.

HR managers must possess wide-ranging skills and knowledge if they are to ensure their companies are compliant in their management of international relocations and the various international assignment services that support operations overseas. They need up-to-date information on immigration, expatriate tax and benefits, social security and international pensions, with an awareness of the health and security threats their international assignees may face. Duty of care is an issue that no company can afford to neglect.

This section provides the news, articles, tools and advice needed by HR managers, whether or not they are managing international assignments and relocations. With contributions from experts, including the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), it covers employment law, procurement, recruitment, training and development, new technology to help make HR’s job easier – and more.

For detailed coverage of specific topics, see our International Assignments, Immigration, Global Health and Wellness, Talent Management and Technology sections. For details of organisations in the global mobility industry that provide international assignment services, see our Directory.

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Latest Human Resources News

Seattle Washington skyline at dawn

Worldwide ERC® Global Workforce Symposium gets underway

Around 2,000 delegates are expected to check-in today to one of the world’s largest global mobility gatherings, in Seattle, Washington, for three days of discussion on developments in the sector.

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development – CIPD

Misfit puzzle

Are you in the wrong job?

Research from the CIPD suggests you could well be, with 49% of the 3,700 respondents to its latest survey saying they are either under or over-qualified for their current role.
Image of pie charts and people discussing it

More than a number: people data missing from annual reports

A CIPD study into human capital reporting in FTSE100 companies calls for greater strategic focus and transparency to address risk, ahead of new EU legislation for large firms being introduced later this year.
Dial with skills levels

UK jobs data: CIPD says time now for skills investment

Official data shows the UK employment rate – the proportion of people aged 16-to-64 years in work – reached 75.7 per cent in June. It is the highest comparable rate since records began in 1971.


Union flag and EU flag

WERC London Summit 2017: Immigration – moving with the times

With ongoing uncertainty around Brexit, and now President Trump’s evolving views on immigration, Charlotte Slocombe, US attorney at global immigration partners, Fragomen, spoke to 'Re:locate' to discuss how to manage the flux.
Scene of junk ship in China waterfront

‘No great difference’ between expat and local managers in China

New research published by the LSE investigates the pros and cons of multinational companies using local versus expat managers in China.
LinkedIn HR survey. Company Values important

Company values a 'deal-breaker' for job candidates

Half of UK professionals would consider turning down job offers from companies that don’t share their purpose, according to LinkedIn research.


Decoding the 2018 school exam results

Decoding the 2018 school exam results

This summer, students around the world received the results of their May examinations in GCSEs, A Levels, Scottish Highers and the IB Diploma. But recent reforms to A Levels and GCSEs have left parents and employers confused over how to interpret results. We explain all you need to know.
India - Pride against Prejudice

India welcomes changes to same-sex laws

India saw a monumental turnover of its discriminatory same–sex laws this September, making the country a more attractive destination for relocating LGBT employees. Rohit Kumar, co-founder and managing director of IKAN Relocations describes the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.
Home Secretary Sajid Javid

Businesses uneasy over post-Brexit immigration policy

Business chiefs have reacted with unease over some of the government's proposals for a post-Brexit immigration system, outlined at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham on Tuesday.


Abstract image of world

Re-imagining Global Mobility

The idea of talent might be maligned in some quarters, but try telling that to the CEOs of some of the world’s largest companies. Surveys increasingly show failure to attract and retain talent is a number one concern for business leaders. Could Global Mobility 2.0 help companies secure that business advantage?
Engineer with tablet

Priming talent pipelines: BP launches the Skills Refinery

Students in five pilot regions – Australia, Azerbaijan, Singapore, the UK and US – can hone critical workplace skills in a new online portal devised by BP.
HR concerns that businesses are not ready for AI

Are businesses prepared for Artificial Intelligence?

Human resource professionals are being urged to take the future of artificial intelligence (AI) into consideration after a new poll suggested businesses are unprepared for the coming growth in AI.


Watercolour illustration of a person on a chair to illustrate an article on the importance of taking employee mental health seriously

What to do if your team member is struggling with their mental health?

While many employers acknowledge that mental health is a key employee concern, few have a specific well-being strategy in place. What can employers do if they think a member of the team may be struggling with their mental health?
AI figures illustrates article on gender and robotics

Is AI following gender stereotypes?

Robots, AI and technology - what does it mean for our collective future that technology is increasingly human-like and gendered? And, what does it tell us about our capacity to create a very human future?
young millennial working on laptop on a beach

Millennials on the move

As millennials gain an increasing share of mobility opportunities, relocation professionals must consider the policy components that motivate and support them. Millennials’ predisposition to travel suggests a less generous policy may be needed, reducing costs – but could millennial policy segmentation be a step too far? Dr Sue Shortland takes a closer look.

Employment Law

Image of game pieces on piles of coins

Gender pay gap reporting ‘a game changer’

With 10,000 large companies now reporting their average pay gaps, gender equality campaigning charity the Fawcett Society is urging transparency around pay. What actions can we all take?
Image of people analysing data

Where next for gender pay gap reporting?

The few large employers yet to submit gender pay gap reports now required by law have until midnight. Tonight’s deadline should bring a new era of transparency and debate around gender pay in the UK’s workplaces.
Employee packs up desk

Four things to consider when firing an employee

Following the high profile firing of US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, Employment Law and HR specialists Peninsula offer some advice for business owners considering firing an employee.
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