Human Resources

The Human Resources department (other names for which include Human Capital and the now old-fashioned Personnel) has a broad remit that generally includes recruitment, payroll and benefits, redundancies and outplacement, and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations in such areas as immigration, tax and social security. Talent management may also form part of it.

In all but large multinational companies, which employ HR global mobility specialists, responsibility for the management of international assignments often falls to HR managers, whether they are in a generalist role or a compensation and benefits department. Read more

HR managers must possess wide-ranging skills and knowledge if they are to ensure their companies are compliant in their management of international relocations and the various international assignment services that support operations overseas. They need up-to-date information on immigration, expatriate tax and benefits, social security and international pensions, with an awareness of the health and security threats their international assignees may face. Duty of care is an issue that no company can afford to neglect.

This section provides the news, articles, tools and advice needed by HR managers, whether or not they are managing international assignments and relocations. With contributions from experts, including the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), it covers employment law, procurement, recruitment, training and development, new technology to help make HR’s job easier – and more.

For detailed coverage of specific topics, see our International Assignments, Immigration, Global Health and Wellness, Talent Management and Technology sections. For details of organisations in the global mobility industry that provide international assignment services, see our Directory.

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Latest Human Resources News

Image of people all over the world

How can coaching help create engagement in the VUCA age?

Today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) times raise a key question for CEOs, HR, talent and global mobility leaders: how to build trust and effective organisations.

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development – CIPD

Striving for agility

Agile organisations: Strategic role for HR & global mobility

Ahead of the Relocate Festival of Global Mobility Thinking on 11 May, Dr Linda Holbeche, author of The Agile Organisation reveals how HR and mobility can support agile organisations.
Image of diverse team

CIPD UK Working Lives Index: Quality jobs for all?

Better support for stressed senior and middle managers, and helping lower-skilled and temporary workers access training, could boost workforce productivity finds the CIPD’s first survey into job quality.
Father and two children eating breakfast

Flexible Working Taskforce gets underway

The CIPD is co-chairing a new government taskforce to promote wider understanding and implementation of inclusive flexible working practices, which it believes are key to progression for underrepresented groups.


Union flag and EU flag

WERC London Summit 2017: Immigration – moving with the times

With ongoing uncertainty around Brexit, and now President Trump’s evolving views on immigration, Charlotte Slocombe, US attorney at global immigration partners, Fragomen, spoke to 'Re:locate' to discuss how to manage the flux.
Scene of junk ship in China waterfront

‘No great difference’ between expat and local managers in China

New research published by the LSE investigates the pros and cons of multinational companies using local versus expat managers in China.
LinkedIn HR survey. Company Values important

Company values a 'deal-breaker' for job candidates

Half of UK professionals would consider turning down job offers from companies that don’t share their purpose, according to LinkedIn research.


Photo of a barista making coffee illustrates an article about post-Brexit EU immigration to the UK

The latest UK immigration report: senior labour analyst at CIPD comments

How to combat the UK skills shortage? Gerwyn Davies, Senior Labour Market Analyst at the CIPD, comments on the Migration Advisory Committee interim report on UK immigration.
Brexit migration curbs would \'very likely\' hit output - MAC report

Brexit migration curbs would 'very likely' hit output - MAC report

Restricting post-Brexit immigration from Europe into the UK would "very likely" lead to lower growth in both output and employment, the expert body advising the government on future migration policy said in an interim report on Tuesday.
Recreuitment: Professionals lined up

Employers adopting permanent placements over short-term hiring

Permanent placements continue to grow, as employers increasingly prefer them to short-term hiring. Figures also show vacancies for permanent positions remains high.

Relocate Awards News

Awards 2018

Relocate Awards – Enter today!

As a new year gets underway, now is the perfect time to start compiling your winning entry for the Relocate Awards 2018!
Institute of Directors

Relocate International Networking Reception

Network with HR managers, global mobility professionals, sponsors, and representatives of leading international schools, find out how to enter the Relocate Awards, and join in with our exclusive community.
Relocate Awards 2018: showcasing innovation and creativity

Relocate Awards 2018: showcasing innovation and creativity

As the ultimate recognition for HR and relocation professionals, the Relocate Awards are a global brand. Join us for the gala dinner at Shakespeare’s Globe and an exciting event celebrating business and mobility.


HR concerns that businesses are not ready for AI

Are businesses prepared for Artificial Intelligence?

Human resource professionals are being urged to take the future of artificial intelligence (AI) into consideration after a new poll suggested businesses are unprepared for the coming growth in AI.
Image of clock with time to learn superimposed

Apprentices struggle to find time to study, says Open University

New research from The Open University launched at the CIPD Learning and Development Show finds employers could do more to support apprentices and gain from the process.
Tablet with books

RES Forum launches mobile HR Learning Lab

RES Forum and Knowledge Anywhere have joined forces to deliver a virtual education programme for HR and mobility professionals.


Why agile organisations great and small gain the advantage

Why agile organisations great and small gain the advantage

Building an agile organisation that can respond rapidly to change helps companies to retain a competitive advantage and keeps employees engaged, explains Dr Linda Holbeche, author of The Agile Organisation.
Diversity: Hand print

Embracing diversity across global mobility

We take a look at the importance of diversity in the global mobility sector in the run up to the Relocate’s Gala Awards Dinner and the Festival of Global Mobility Thinking.
Image of woman with a map in Portugal

Portugal leads way for women in tech: New study

Analysis from online recruitment platform, Honeypot, finds eight countries are beating the odds to offer more equitable pay for women working in IT. But female representation remains below 30%.

Employment Law

Image of game pieces on piles of coins

Gender pay gap reporting ‘a game changer’

With 10,000 large companies now reporting their average pay gaps, gender equality campaigning charity the Fawcett Society is urging transparency around pay. What actions can we all take?
Image of people analysing data

Where next for gender pay gap reporting?

The few large employers yet to submit gender pay gap reports now required by law have until midnight. Tonight’s deadline should bring a new era of transparency and debate around gender pay in the UK’s workplaces.
Employee packs up desk

Four things to consider when firing an employee

Following the high profile firing of US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, Employment Law and HR specialists Peninsula offer some advice for business owners considering firing an employee.
Festival of Global Mobility Thinking 11 May 2018Festival of Global Mobility Thinking 11 May 2018
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