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The HR department (other names for which include Human Capital and the now old-fashioned Personnel) has a broad remit that generally includes recruitment, payroll and benefits, redundancies and outplacement, and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations in such areas as immigration, tax and social security. Talent management may also form part of it. Read more

In all but large multinational companies, which employ HR global mobility specialists, responsibility for the management of international assignments often falls to HR managers, whether they are in a generalist role or a compensation and benefits department.

HR managers must possess wide-ranging skills and knowledge if they are to ensure their companies are compliant in their management of international relocations and the various international assignment services that support operations overseas. They need up-to-date information on immigration, expatriate tax and benefits, social security and international pensions, with an awareness of the health and security threats their international assignees may face. Duty of care is an issue that no company can afford to neglect.

This section provides the news, articles, tools and advice needed by HR managers, whether or not they are managing international assignments and relocations. With contributions from experts, including the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), it covers employment law, procurement, recruitment, training and development, new technology to help make HR’s job easier – and more.

For detailed coverage of specific topics, see our International Assignments, Immigration, Global Health and Wellness, Talent Management and Technology sections. For details of organisations in the global mobility industry that provide international assignment services, see our Directory.

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Latest Human Resources News

Image of teamwork through lens of HR office

Government announces new UK workplace regulations

Legislation to reform workers’ rights have been introduced, including a day-one statement of rights for all workers and rules to bring agency workers’ pay into line with permanent staff pay.

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development – CIPD

Graphic of talent management description

Skills investment in employee benefits' spotlight

Total rewards packages look set to rise with a fifth of employers planning to upgrade benefits budgets, adding to recent inflation-beating wage rises. Professional development is the biggest beneficiary.
Relocate magazine winter january issue 2018

Relocate magazine January 2019 – coming soon!

The next issue of the leading international magazine for HR, global managers and relocation professionals will explore the big themes from autumn’s conference and what 2019 has in store for mobility.

CIPD Outlook: MAC plans ‘not enough’ to meet UK skills needs

A benchmark labour market study warns reversing EU and non-EU migrant labour trends are exacerbating skills shortages and pushing up wages for new starters as the UK heads towards exit from the European Union.


Image suggesting internet of things connecting workplaces and people

Digital thinking could boost SME growth, study suggests

Research released today suggests three-quarters of UK SMEs may be failing to embrace workplace technologies such as cloud, mobile working and BYOD, stifling their growth, productivity and employee engagement.
Think Global People Communities

Think Global People Communities

Introducing Relocate Global's new networking communities to keep you connected around the world.
Union flag and EU flag

WERC London Summit 2017: Immigration – moving with the times

With ongoing uncertainty around Brexit, and now President Trump’s evolving views on immigration, Charlotte Slocombe, US attorney at global immigration partners, Fragomen, spoke to 'Re:locate' to discuss how to manage the flux.


Action steps for organisations

The Employee Value Proposition and global mobility: a tool in the war for talent?

The “war on talent” is mostly due to a shortage of skilled labour. How can the Employee Value Proposition help employers attract and retain talent, especially in the world of international assignments and global mobility?
Up arrow indicating improved employment figures

Record drop in number of EU workers in the UK

The UK records the largest annual decrease in EU27 workers. Also, UK unemployment levels are at a historic low, though unlikely to fall much further given a slowdown in job creation.
Decoding the 2018 school exam results

Decoding the 2018 school exam results

This summer, students around the world received the results of their May examinations in GCSEs, A Levels, Scottish Highers and the IB Diploma. But recent reforms to A Levels and GCSEs have left parents and employers confused over how to interpret results. We explain all you need to know.


Young people in vibrant office

Introducing a coaching mindset to the next generation

Across international organisations around the world, and for those managing millennials and global talent, there is a drive to put the human back into leadership by mastering emotional intelligence (EI).
Young people in various work uniforms

Calls for government action on ‘unequal’ work experience

The Youth Select Committee yesterday published its report into barriers faced by young people accessing work experience, calling for a better framework linked to the Industrial Strategy.
Two-thirds of UK firms fear future skills shortage

Two-thirds of UK firms fear future skills shortage

More than three-quarters of UK businesses expect to increase the number of higher-skilled roles over the coming years, yet the vast bulk of them fear there will be a shortage of suitably qualified candidates, according to a new report.


Apprentices in a workshop

New talent needed - but where will it come from?

London businesses expect to increase the number of high skilled employees but are concerned about skills shortages whilst countrywide there are calls for more vocational skills training at university.
Disappointed worker at till

Millennial's job dissatisfaction leads companies to new and old tools for retaining staff

Surveys show millennials salary expectations are not being met and that disengagement with employers means they are moving jobs sooner but new HR tools and Christmas bonuses can help employers retain staff.
Relocate with Relocate Global's artist in residence, Peter Moolan-Feroze, and Martina Meinhold of MMC

Video: art stimulates Brexit conversations

Relocate Global's artist-in-residence, Peter Moolan-Feroze stimulates creativity and helps 24 Heures de l'International conference delegates address current business opportunities and challenges.

Employment Law

Image of teamwork through lens of HR office

Government announces new UK workplace regulations

Legislation to reform workers’ rights have been introduced, including a day-one statement of rights for all workers and rules to bring agency workers’ pay into line with permanent staff pay.
Two calculators and operators head to head

The Fawcett Society launches new Equal Pay Advice Service

To highlight Equal Pay Day, the campaigning charity is supporting UK employees to exercise their rights and take a stand on salaries and pay.
Image of game pieces on piles of coins

Gender pay gap reporting ‘a game changer’

With 10,000 large companies now reporting their average pay gaps, gender equality campaigning charity the Fawcett Society is urging transparency around pay. What actions can we all take?
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