The Journey – How the arts, creativity and storytelling can unlock profound insight for everyone

Paul Williamson, author and Head of talent development, Ambassador Theatre Group in conversation with Fiona Murchie, explores the inspiration for the book and leadership and coaching lessons for those dealing with today’s challenges in their work environment and life. Engaging webinar recording to share with colleagues and educators.

Regardless of who you are, or what you do, you are on a journey.You may recognise you’re on a leadership journey, or perhaps you’re on a coaching journey as an executive coach? Each of us could map out our career journey in whatever field(s) we’ve specialised in over the years too.On a fundamental level of course, life itself can be seen as a journey – from childhood through to old age.All these journeys can be enriched and elevated through heightened self-awareness and reflection.Join Paul Williamson, Executive Coach and Learning & Development practitioner as he talks with Fiona Murchie about the genesis of his illustrated book ‘Pheasant Dreams’, and how the lessons in it can generate self-reflection and insight for adults and children alike.

You will learn -

  • How the arts, creativity and storytelling can aid self-reflection
  • About the impact of childhood stories on leadership and beyond
  • How to work with metaphor as a means of self-expression
  • How practicing the art of storytelling can help develop individuals, teams, and organisations

About Paul Williamson

Paul is a leadership development specialist, learning and development practitioner, facilitator, author, and qualified executive coach. He has over twenty-five years’ experience working for the Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG), the world’s largest live entertainment group. He has been a senior leader in Sales, Ticketing and Human Resources and has designed acclaimed in-house leadership development programmes, developing countless leaders at all levels within the theatre industry and beyond. Paul is also part of the UK Regional Leadership team at the Association for Coaching (AC) focusing on Corporate Development.


  • What his book ‘Pheasant Dreams’ is about and the inspiration behind it
  • The child in the book meets three key characters… an actor, an illustrator, and a composer. Discover their significance and the power of creativity and storytelling
  • What does the pheasant represent for you?
  • Explore how metaphor be used in personal and professional development?
  • How to develop leaders through L&D work in your organisation

Book Website to Amazon (to purchase the book) – Paul

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