International Assignments

Multinational companies frequently need to send their employees on an international assignment to work in an overseas location or regional office, whether to complete a project or as part of their professional development. As businesses compete for global growth, the number of international assignments is on the rise. Read more

Whether they are long-term, short-term, commuter or project assignments, each type brings its own challenges for global mobility managers, and risks for the company and the assignee. Localisation, repatriation and business travel can also fall under the umbrella of international assignment services.

In many organisations HR managers are responsible for managing international assignments. Even if the number of international assignees is small, this is a complex area. Only a few multinationals have HR global mobility specialists. It is therefore essential for HR managers to have the knowledge to ensure that their companies are fully compliant in managing international relocation and the raft of international assignment services – such as immigration, expatriate tax and benefits, social security obligations, and international pensions – that underpin overseas operations.

This section provides practical advice and information for HR and global managers managing international teams or setting up in a new overseas dominion. It covers the latest trends in relocation policy and expatriate benefits, and points you in the direction of experts across the global mobility industry. It includes the latest news, features, how-to guides, and tools and resources to support overseas assignments and inbound relocation moves and domestic relocations.

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Latest International Assignments News

Business women with suitcase sitting on a sofa

More skills-short companies looking abroad

The UK will continue to enjoy a jobs boom in the coming months although a persistent skills shortage is resulting in increasing numbers of companies looking abroad for the talent they need, according to a major new survey.

Worldwide ERC®

Worldwide ERC®'s Global Workforce Symposium is the world's largest global mobility meeting. Take a look at some of the highlights from previous years and enjoy our coverage of October's 2018 event here.
Seattle Washington skyline at dawn

Worldwide ERC® Global Workforce Symposium gets underway

Around 2,000 delegates are expected to check-in today to one of the world’s largest global mobility gatherings, in Seattle, Washington, for three days of discussion on developments in the sector.

Global Mobility

Festival of Global People banner with images of speakers, panelists and delegates

Leadership, innovation, education, and supporting young people's career ambitions

The Festival of Global People brought together a selection of the best Relocation sector leaders and innovators. Marianne Curphey reports on all the keynote speakers from the first day of the Festival.
Photo of engaged and upbeat millennial workers

How To Tackle The Employee Retention Challenge

Marianne Curphey discusses strategies to help businesses retain talented staff, with international consultant and author, Dr Linda Holbeche.
Women looking directly into the camera

Women and global mobility: on her terms

Relocate Global’s International Women’s Day celebration, perhaps ironically, showed March 8 has something for everyone.


Yew Chung International School

China’s insatiable appetite for a Western education

Well known as a relocation hotspot, China has seen an increasing demand for a western-style education in recent years. Whilst the local system provides a high standard of education, many expatriates are looking for schools teaching a curriculum that is easily transferable. We look at the options.
Image of Marina Bay Sands hotel

Singapore cements reputation for quality of life: study

Singapore ranks highest among Asia-Pacific countries for quality of life on the latest Mercer 'Quality of Living' index.
London City Hall spiral staircase

UK voluntary Living Wage rise welcomed, but caution on inflation

Kicking off Living Wage Week, the Living Wage Foundation has announced the UK’s new voluntary national Living Wage rates of £8.45, rising to £9.75 for London.


Hands holding green shoots of plans to illustrate an article about corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility: a critical role for global mobility professionals

There is a strong business case argument for engaging in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, as well as a moral and social justice case for so doing. Global mobility professionals have a key role to play in helping to support good CSR practices in the deployment of personnel across the globe. Dr Sue Shortland explains.
Two men shaking hands illustrates an article about repats and talent management

Why is carefully managing 'repats' harder than you think?

David Sapsted looks at the challenges facing employers when dealing with staff returning from foreign deployments. He suggests ways that this transition can be best managed to successfully reintegrate the employee and their family back home, while also managing their expectations about their changing role.
Man on a bike in city

Mid-life pension MOTs on road to longer working lives

Former CBI Director-General John Cridland has published his review into the State Pension Age (SPA). It recommends raising the SPA, options for people unable to work in later life and mid-career pensions planning advice.


Happy group of people outside House of Commons London

Brexit: Can expat communities contribute to a positive employee experience?

Geopolitical events, like Brexit, are a challenge for global mobility and HR professionals. They present daunting logistical, legal, and organisational issues – and threaten positive employee experience.


Image of smiling business woman

Optimising global mobility for India’s tech talent

India’s tech talent plays a key role in the worldwide digital revolution. Holly Creed, global mobility manager at DXC, spoke to Relocate to tell us how assignments out of India help keep the world connected.
Intermark Relocation Services new visa fee for foreign nationals report

Intermark Report: Russia introduces new consular visa fees

Intermark Relocation Services report on the changes to Russian visa fees for foreign nationals.
Piled up pounds coins

Chancellor holds out prospect of spending spree

The Chancellor announced how he is to spend the extra funds available in the 2019 Spring Statement.
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