Residential Property

The right housing, in the right location, underpins a successful international assignment or relocation. Getting it wrong can result in assignment failure.

The first step is to find a suitable location. This will be affected by a variety of factors, particularly if the assignee is accompanied by a partner and/or family. Considerations may include proximity of good schools, transport links, leisure facilities, and shops and other amenities, such as doctors’ surgeries and hospitals. Read more

The next step is sourcing accommodation. Again, the presence (or absence) of accompanying dependants will be a factor, as will whether the property is to be purchased or rented. For short-term assignments and business commuters, a serviced apartment may well be an option.

In this section, you’ll find a wealth of resources, from articles and news to ‘how to’ tips, to help you support your relocating employees and international assignees. Topics include purchase and rental market trends, employee assistance schemes (including Guaranteed Sales Price schemes), finance and mortgages, the latest relocation hotspots, planning a move, and furniture rental. Practical advice includes tips on buying, selling, renting or letting a home.

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Luxury homes in London

UK homes top agenda of Hong Kong buyers

Estate agents and home builders in the UK are gearing up for a fresh surge in purchases from Hong Kong citizens.
couple looking at house picture

Surging UK house market set to calm?

House prices in the UK over the past year have increased at their fastest rate since 2004, according to the latest index from Nationwide, one of the country's largest mortgage lenders.

UK house prices hit record high

The average UK house price hit £275,000 in December 2021, £27,000 higher than at the same point a year ago.


serviced apartment synergy

Serviced apartments: Synergy Adds Central Munich location

New Apartments Now Open in Munich’s Westend Borough

UK relocation residential property update for July 2021

Residential property picture in UK during the busy relocation period, as employees and families are on the move, ready for the start of the new academic year. Latest following Nationwide July House Price Index.
House prices in London and the high cost of living are causing young workers to leave the capital.

Migration of young London workers gathers pace

New research has found that more young professionals are leaving London than arriving, due to the high cost of living and house prices.