Think Global People Awards: Global Mobility, Leadership and Education with a spotlight on wellbeing

Fiona Murchie explains how the Think Global People Awards have evolved for 2022 to showcase the inspiring people working across global mobility, global leadership and education who are delivering excellence and innovation.

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Think Global People Winter Issue 2022
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During the pandemic traditional global mobility teams have needed to be more agile in their response to business objectives as Dr Sue Shortland’s article on ‘Flexibility in mobility policy design’ in this issue illustrates.
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Global mobility opportunities

Many HR global mobility professionals have seen response to the pandemic as a golden opportunity to take a more strategic role and we want to hear about this evolution and what it has done for your business. There is increasing potential and willingness to work and collaborate with a wider spectrum of corporate colleagues and HR professionals to address global skills shortages and talent gaps and attract a diverse range of talented individuals from anywhere in the world. Tell us about the dynamic behind change in your organisation, the resilience and regeneration Global mobility is now firmly aligned with talent objectives, with many service suppliers offering engagement solutions for the entire international workforce, offering services and platforms which go way beyond supporting the deployment of talent on an international assignment. Greater flexibility for both the business and the assignee or employees electing to localise or work remotely is not going away.

Shine a light on a new generation of leaders

Leadership has never been more important in organisations large and small whether a company is multinational or trading in new international markets and coping with the complexities of global business which bring even more governance issues.Leaders of today also need to navigate the environment of constant change in their sector as well as the new world of work emerging, and hybrid models of office based and remote work and supply chain issues. Navigating productivity and operational targets while honing communication skills and delivering on equity and transparency is not easy for leaders of any demographic and yet those powered by purpose win through as our Awards have illustrated year on year. This year there will be the opportunity to demonstrate how your organisation has delivered. We want to hear about the visionary leaders, the rising stars or the ethos of leadership development you are putting in place to cope with the challenges of the future.

Education in the widest sense will build bridges

The rise in importance of education and learning and development over the last two years has sustained many organisations as they return to the new normal and embrace industry 4.0. How have you reinforced the importance of education and professional development for employees to prepare for the future against a backdrop of global skills shortages? Are climate change and environmental issues your starting point or is evolving a diverse workforce and deeper cross-cultural understanding your missions? From small steps to big ambitions tell us about your journey and why if matters.Education and schools have always been at the heart of what we do across the global mobility sector and the wider international arena. We encourage those working in schools as educators or leaders to share their knowledge and approach with our management professional audience and to build bridges. By working together, the educators and the international workforce will accelerate understanding, learning and ultimately support more children into education to solve the world’s problems. Be a part of the conversation and enter any of the categories that resonate with your school.Entries in 2021 reflected response to the pandemic and the innovation emerging as people and organisations overcame challenges and learnt to do things differently.The Omicron variant of Covid-19 has illustrated how the pandemic has not gone away and now we need to learn to live with it. 
The diagram below illustrates our three areas of focus: Global Talent Mobility, Global Leadership & Sustainability, and Global Talent Development & Education. Excellence and innovation across employee experience and wellbeing, technology and learning are now more important than ever as the world adjusts to the new normal.
three pillars of: Global Mobility; Leadership & Sustainability; Education & Professional Development

Wellbeing focus for your people globally

This year our focus is on the wellbeing of your people globally as a priority in the pandemic. In your entries, consider physical wellbeing and mental health and how you support your team and clients to deal with stress not only in the workplace but in other areas of their lives.Perhaps your company has a mission or a higher purpose you hold for your organisation. How do you sustain your people to be the best they can be as individuals and as part of your workplace and the wider, local or regional community. The financial impact of the pandemic is impacting all walks of life and financial health support is gaining traction, with financial concerns being one of the biggest causes of stress. Let us know how your focus on wellbeing is supporting engagement, innovation and growth.For these reasons we have streamlined the Think Global People Awards to 10 categories offering a breadth of options which fall under our three pillars of: Global Mobility; Leadership & Sustainability; Education & Professional Development.
Peter Moolan Feroze: Changing Seasons

Awards key dates for 2022

  • Entries open: 1 Feb 2022
  • Entries close: 25 March 2022
  • Shortlist: April 2022
  • Gala Lunch and Awards Ceremony: 9 June 2022, 12pm
  • Future of Work Festival: 9 June 2022, 11am – 6pm

Awards Categories - Enter Now

  1. Excellence in global mobility
  2. Excellence in talent development, deployment and diversity
  3. Excellence in technology or analytics
  4. Best leadership, research contribution, thought leadership or book
  5. Excellence in employee experience & engagement
  6. Destination services provider of the year
  7. Serviced apartment provider of the year
  8. School excellence for relocation & transition care

Entry Deadline: Friday, 25 March

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Plus: Announcing Think Global People: Future of Work Festival, Thursday 9 June 2022, Lamberhurst, Kent, UK - Discover how industry sectors, international thought leaders, entrepreneurs and the creative sector are responding to change.

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