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Key external issues leaders and managers in multinational companies need to address include how to meet the challenges of an increasingly technologically advanced and demographically complex business world, the shift in economic power from west to east, and the rapid growth of some emerging markets.

From an internal company perspective, leaders, managers and decision-makers must also consider the challenges posed by changing leadership styles, the rise of individualism, the ageing workforce, and the need to align employees’ career development aspirations with wider business objectives.

All these factors are combining to overturn the traditional assumptions that have long supported corporate decision-making and the creation of management policies and strategies. Critical to an organisation’s success in the globalised economy is minimising risks for the company and its employees, in such areas as immigration and expatriate tax, benefits and social security, by ensuring compliance with the legal and regulatory framework of the jurisdictions in which they operate.

As a leader or manager, you need an understanding of key management issues, with access to the facts about them. This section offers the latest management-related news, articles tools, videos, and resources, all in once place. Our directory will point you in the direction of relocation specialists and suppliers who can provide support and advice tailored to your organisation’s needs.

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