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As the race for global growth continues, leadership and management are at the top of the agenda for organisations in all sectors and of all sizes. Key external issues leaders and managers in multinational companies need to address include how to meet the challenges of an increasingly technologically advanced and demographically complex business world, the shift in economic power from west to east, and the rapid growth of some emerging markets. Read more

From an internal company perspective, leaders, managers and decision-makers must also consider the challenges posed by changing leadership styles, the rise of individualism, the ageing workforce, and the need to align employees’ career development aspirations with wider business objectives.

All these factors are combining to overturn the traditional assumptions that have long supported corporate decision-making and the creation of management policies and strategies. Critical to an organisation’s success in the globalised economy is minimising risks for the company and its employees, in such areas as immigration and expatriate tax, benefits and social security, by ensuring compliance with the legal and regulatory framework of the jurisdictions in which they operate.

As a leader or manager, you need an understanding of key management issues, with access to the facts about them. This section offers the latest management-related news, articles tools, videos, and resources, all in once place. Our directory will point you in the direction of relocation specialists and suppliers who can provide support and advice tailored to your organisation’s needs.

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Latest Leadership & Management News

Image of man at desk meditating

Taking action for World Mental Health Day

Today, 10 October, marks a day of mental wellbeing awareness raising, with the World Federation for Mental Health selecting this year’s theme as suicide prevention.

International Womens Day 2018

Woman in office overlooking city

International Women's Day 2018: Press for Progress

This Thursday, 8 March, sees the annual celebration of women's achievements, and a day of global action aimed at accelerating progress to a more inclusive and gender-equal world.
Skyline view of Mexico City

Which countries offer expat women the best career prospects?

The community for expats, InterNations, ranked the top ten countries around the world for career prospects for expat women, ranking the countries by salary, career satisfaction, working hours and more.
Broadcast media with female hand and male spokesperson

What are the lessons from the BBC pay gap storm?

A PwC review has found "no gender bias" at the national broadcaster, which is now launching a five-point plan to "help create a fairer and more equal BBC."


Predicted ageing population will impact UK businesses

Predicted population boom will impact UK businesses

Companies in the UK need to prepare for the implications of an increasingly ageing population, with employees working for longer and caring for elderly relatives.
Image of human and robot fingertips about to touch

UK workers ready to embrace automation

UK workers are optimistic about the opportunities technology will create in the future as over 90% believe it is changing their workplace and everyday lives for the better.

CEO pay data prompts questions of fairness

New analysis of FTSE100 CEO pay suggests a fall in total remuneration for the UK's top business leaders. However, the pay gulf between bosses and the wider workforce remains in triple digits.


A young man and young woman apprentices on a construction job

Business greets GCSE results with mixed emotions

Business leaders saw both good news and bad news in the latest batch of GCSE results. What are the worries of top UK businesses?

How global mobility can drive a diverse and inclusive workplace

Today there is a greater awareness of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, not only in policies, but as a core component of company culture. How can companies attract and retain diverse talent?
Image of teamwork through lens of HR office

Government announces new UK workplace regulations

Legislation to reform workers’ rights have been introduced, including a day-one statement of rights for all workers and rules to bring agency workers’ pay into line with permanent staff pay.


The Smart Set capsule collection is a collaboration between HRH The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and charity Smart Works

Fashion that empowers women at work

Georgina Probert finds out about a new capsule collection that is helping women find the right outfit to give them the confidence to succeed in the workplace.

Getting tough on workplace gender equality: from small nudges to big pushes?

Despite some challenges and opposition, the UK government is pressing ahead with its legislation-led agenda around inclusion. Following gender pay gap reporting, the scope of rights around flexible work and parental leave could increase with the announcement of a new review. Ethnicity pay gap reporting could also be on the horizon.
Carissa Farr Charting the future for girls will save the world

Charting the future for girls will save the world

Following a year in the life of a headteacher, a school, its pupils and parents, Clarissa Farr’s new book paints a picture of what education is all about.

Gen Y

Image of young graduate considering options

'Brexit effect' sees graduate interest in banking fall

A major survey from Universum into the Class of 2019's employment aspirations shows a shift in graduate career preferences. Interest in banking and business services fell, but rose for tech and innovation roles.
Women in front of scales against tech background

Money or your life? Survey shows how IT workers value time

New research from CWJobs suggests two-thirds of IT workers would quit if their role didn’t offer positive work-life balance. It also identifies six 'techie temperaments' for tailoring packages effectively.
Image of globe in person's hand with mortarboard cap on

Plans to boost access to UK universities for overseas students

The departments for Education and International Trade have launched a new joint policy to grow the UK’s education exports and number of international students at UK higher education institutions.
Going Global event London international businessGoing Global event London international business
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