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As the race for global growth continues, leadership and management are at the top of the agenda for organisations in all sectors and of all sizes. Key external issues leaders and managers in multinational companies need to address include how to meet the challenges of an increasingly technologically advanced and demographically complex business world, the shift in economic power from west to east, and the rapid growth of some emerging markets. Read more

From an internal company perspective, leaders, managers and decision-makers must also consider the challenges posed by changing leadership styles, the rise of individualism, the ageing workforce, and the need to align employees’ career development aspirations with wider business objectives.

All these factors are combining to overturn the traditional assumptions that have long supported corporate decision-making and the creation of management policies and strategies. Critical to an organisation’s success in the globalised economy is minimising risks for the company and its employees, in such areas as immigration and expatriate tax, benefits and social security, by ensuring compliance with the legal and regulatory framework of the jurisdictions in which they operate.

As a leader or manager, you need an understanding of key management issues, with access to the facts about them. This section offers the latest management-related news, articles tools, videos, and resources, all in once place. Our directory will point you in the direction of relocation specialists and suppliers who can provide support and advice tailored to your organisation’s needs.

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Latest Leadership & Management News

International Womens Day 2018

Woman in office overlooking city

International Women's Day 2018: Press for Progress

This Thursday, 8 March, sees the annual celebration of women's achievements, and a day of global action aimed at accelerating progress to a more inclusive and gender-equal world.
Skyline view of Mexico City

Which countries offer expat women the best career prospects?

The community for expats, InterNations, ranked the top ten countries around the world for career prospects for expat women, ranking the countries by salary, career satisfaction, working hours and more.
Broadcast media with female hand and male spokesperson

What are the lessons from the BBC pay gap storm?

A PwC review has found "no gender bias" at the national broadcaster, which is now launching a five-point plan to "help create a fairer and more equal BBC."


Mirror Mirror- Mobility, diversity and inclusion

Mirror Mirror: Mobility, diversity and inclusion

2018 has been a landmark year for the diversity and inclusion agenda. The UK’s 11,000 largest employers published their first gender pay gap reports. Meanwhile, the campaign for ethnicity reporting gathers pace.
Father and two children eating breakfast

Flexible Working Taskforce gets underway

The CIPD is co-chairing a new government taskforce to promote wider understanding and implementation of inclusive flexible working practices, which it believes are key to progression for underrepresented groups.
Upward trend with people

Latest jobs data intensify focus on skills and productivity

Commentators on the latest ONS employment figures are advising employers to review recruitment and training as UK employment reaches record levels.


Think Diversity – a new Relocate community

Think Diversity – a new Relocate community

Find out about our new networking community, Think Diversity, which will help you to explore the ways in which your organisation can drive growth whilst putting people first.
Coaching: your secret weapon

Coaching: your secret weapon

With so much change impacting industry sectors and employers, it is not surprising that HR directors are increasingly turning to coaching as a way to support their organisations.
Fiona Murchie explores some opportunities for readers.
Business people interacting

Hone your leadership style at new Global Mobility Festival

The Festival of Global Mobility Thinking enabled delegates to explore different forms of leadership using stories and case studies.


Think Global People Communities

Think Global People Communities

Introducing Relocate Global's new networking communities to keep you connected around the world.
Women holding briefcase close to her

Equal Pay Day 2018: keep salaries secret to close gender gap

To mark Equal Pay Day - the point in the year women effectively stop being paid to work - new research suggests that not disclosing current salaries during the recruitment process could help to close the gender pay gap.
Image of UK currency and small figures sitting on piles of coins

Full-time gender pay gap closes to 8.6%

Employer and government efforts to close the gap in men and women’s hourly earnings were rewarded today as new figures suggest the difference has closed.

Gen Y

Young people in vibrant office

Introducing a coaching mindset to the next generation

Across international organisations around the world, and for those managing millennials and global talent, there is a drive to put the human back into leadership by mastering emotional intelligence (EI).
Multigenerational workplace

Move over Millennials: Gen Z demand people-first employers

A new Investors in People (IIP) report investigates the expectations and motivations of people born after 1995, and now graduating into the world of work from university or college.
Graduate recruitment selection

Graduate employers increase recruitment – for chosen few

The Institute of Student Employers’ Annual Student Recruitment Survey 2018 shows this year UK businesses hired significantly more graduates, apprentices and interns than in 2017.
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