‘Inspire inclusion’ this 8 March at the Institute of Directors

Building on the success of our sector-leading International Women’s Day events, this year’s – our fifth – will feature an inspiring keynote and practical workshop. It promises to be the most impactful and inclusive yet.

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In celebration of International Women’s Day, our latest Think Global People community event takes place on Friday 8 March. Welcoming many of our Think Women 40 Outstanding Global Leaders, this inspiring event offers you a chance to build your network, learn from peers and share your own story in what is always an unforgettable and valuable day.Think-Women-IWD-2024-Event-intext

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Hosted in the impressive central London Pall Mall address of the Institute of Directors with its superb hospitality and facilities, our International Women’s Day 2024 workshop and lunch event is the perfect setting for purposeful conversations and networking.Guests at 2023’s event, themed around inspiring global women for growth, heard influential business leader Dr Anino Emuwa set out her blueprint for a new more inclusive workplace.One of the key messages was that in celebrating what makes each of us unique, and by sharing our deep individual expertise, we can add value, build fulfilling careers and be active participants in shaping and delivering new business growth models.

Meet Outstanding Global Leaders

Since then, over the past 12 months, our important series of Think Women 40 Outstanding Global Leaders has profiled women who are already leading change, innovating and delivering growth. They are making a real impact in their respective sectors and professions and will be sharing how on Friday 8 March.In-person opportunities like Relocate Global’s International Women’s Day celebration are also vital for hearing these stories. They amplify people’s experiences and foster inclusive conversations that change what is possible.Our Think Global People community, and this Think Women event on 8 March, is the opportunity for you to have your voice heard, build knowledge and the confidence to take the next steps in your career, and support others to do the same.

Grow your career and business

The Relocate Global Think Women community’s International Women’s Day 2024 event at the Institute of Directors takes ‘inspiring inclusion for sustainable growth’ as its theme. It is a powerful forum to focus on the dialogues we have with ourselves, our colleagues, managers and leaders, to ultimately effect real change, spur growth and create ripples of progress – all as part of a globally significant movement.Our soon-to-be-announced panellists and keynote speaker will expand on some of the overarching themes our Think Women 40 Outstanding Global Leaders series highlighted, including the value of taking and making opportunities when they arise and the latest research and practice. This includes the value of international assignments and cross-border moves, which remain critical stepping-stones to leadership roles, and what this looks like.

Network and create solutions

The Think Women International Women’s Day event on inspiring inclusion for sustainable growth is all about being intentional, investing in yourself, your colleagues and clients. It is also a chance to join with peers and across different sectors to influence and support each other in pursuing personal and business growth.As importantly, the Relocate Global Think Women International Women’s Day event is about how everyone can be included to engage with the challenges, create solutions, be an ally, and make a conscious choice to think differently and in impactful ways that will move the dial on equity, inclusion at work and economic growth.

Join us on 8 March at the Institute of Directors. Book your place here.


are also available to show how your company is inspiring inclusion for sustainable growth.

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