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Preparing for the AI revolution in education, business and governance

The past year has seen significant shifts in AI capability. ChatGPT is among the vanguard. While businesses, educators and governments assess the impact and risks of such technologies, where we are now as we prepare for the next Industrial Revolution?
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Choosing a school in Australia

Most international families send their children to the county's state or private schools. The broad and well respected national curriculum allows for easy global transfers, writes Sally Robinson
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International universities make the grade

International university league tables are still dominated by the UK and the US, but tertiary institutions from Asia to Australia are increasingly offering a quality alternative.

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Data shows UK net migration driven by ‘real business need’

Breakdown of the latest Home Office net migration figures reveal the impact of Brexit and the growth in digitalisation on the UK labour market. Being ready and prepared to hire internationally is now an essential part of running a competitive business.
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