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I invite you to remember the wonderful things you have achieved, the innovations, the light-bulb moments, the warmth of spirit when your team comes together to do great things, the small steps, that helped you get there.

Outdoors at the 2021 Relocate Awards
Relocate Awards Supplement
This article is taken from the 2021 Relocate and Think Global People Awards supplement.
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Something magical happened that morning. I woke up early and the sun was shining, the birds were singing and I even heard a cuckoo. The countryside around me was full of lush verdant growth, new leaves and new beginnings.The air was cool and fresh. It felt like a moment from Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Something magical had happened. Suddenly there was the hope of summer and of good things to come.And that is what I wanted to capture for you all. A sense of being out in the country, somewhere special that you love, where you could put your worries behind you after a tempestuous year and celebrate with us, here in Lamberhurst, in the beautiful Weald of Kent. As you watch the replay, join in to celebrate all our achievements across the world of global mobility and international management.I invite you to remember the wonderful things you have achieved, the innovations, the light-bulb moments, the warmth of spirit when your team comes together to do great things, the small steps, that helped you get there. 
Sit back and enjoy being part of a truly global community and share in the successes of those who made things happen around the world to help people flourish in the work they do.There will be a lot more changes along the way in the years ahead, but you are all resilient and agile. Enjoy and remember the magic when everything comes together, everyone is in the flow and you achieve marvellous things.For 50 companies around the world that happened. They were generous enough to share their experiences in their Award entries so we can all learn and be inspired.Watch the video and read about the winners in this Awards Supplement 2021.Think Global People - the futureAs many of you are finding, the pandemic has pushed us to do more innovative things and consolidate the work we’ve done in terms of content and thought leadership and connecting people around the world. Our new future direction will be taking things further on the thought leadership side and using this wonderful setting here in Lamberhurst, Kent to support thinking and ideas.Fiona Murchie

The 2021 Relocate and Think Global People Awards Supplement - Out Now

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