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Brexit uncertainties notwithstanding, the UK and its constituent countries, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, continue to attract inward investment from across the world. The UK is also a major player in terms of global mobility, often being ranked in the top three as a destination for relocation and international assignments. Read more

Though UK manufacturing has been in decline for several decades, it remains a significant contributor to the economy, with the automobile and aerospace sectors particularly prominent.

As well as being a magnet for tourists, the country’s capital, London, is major financial centre and a top performer in global business league tables. Several other UK cities and regions, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, the Midlands and the South East, are also hubs for foreign direct investment (FDI). However, those managing talent mobility or setting up a business or a branch office in the UK will encounter a number of challenges, in areas ranging from compliance (including tax and immigration) to finding short- or long-term accommodation for relocating employees (including property to rent or buy).

In this section, we bring you up-to-the-minute news, articles, tools and resources, to help you achieve your business objectives and goals. With contributions from experts across global mobility and the relocation industry, we analyse the latest trends in UK relocation and global mobility (inbound, outbound and domestic), including the effects of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, demographic changes, and infrastructure developments like the HS2 rail project.

We look at everything from key relocation destinations and industry sectors to talent management and finding commercial property, as well as the full spectrum of employee and family support topics, including education and international schools, and serviced apartments.

There’s plenty of practical advice, support and information for HR and global managers responsible for international assignments, and for those setting up a business or a company office in the UK.

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News and features


Nissan hails deal as boost to UK

Car giant Nissan, which previously warned that Brexit risked the viability of its huge Sunderland plant, said on Friday that the last-minute deal struck on Christmas Eve between London and Brussels had now given the company a "competitive edge" internationally.

Short-and long-term accommodation


Life in London with Residential Land

When relocating to a new city, one of the first and most important decisions to make, is choosing a new home. London is a large and vibrant city with an enticing array of opportunities waiting on the doorstep.



Cementing relations with the Asia-Pacific region at the heart of UK trade growth

'Go West, young man' used to be the exhortation. Fast forward a couple of centuries and the priority these days appears to be 'Look East, mature democracies', as youthful Asian economies begin to flex their muscles once more. David Sapsted explores UK trade deal potential in the Asia-Pacific region.



Southbank International School’s view on remote learning

When the doors opened after lockdown, the entire school was abuzz with chatter, and not just from the students. Teachers shared their students’ excitement to be back. “Children have been so happy to see their friends and to see us again,” says David MacMorran, deputy principal for primary years.
University students in a large classroom

Save your British expat staff hundreds of thousands on their son/daughter’s university tuition fees

Many British expats who live abroad are unaware of the problem awaiting them when their children apply to university - being classified as overseas students. What advice can you provide to staff to help them save a life-changing amount of money?
Paris woos UK universities over a 'satellite' campus

UK University Fee Status: Who is eligible?

What makes a student eligible for a Home fees in UK higher education?
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