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Brexit uncertainties notwithstanding, the UK and its constituent countries, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, continue to attract inward investment from across the world. The UK is also a major player in terms of global mobility, often being ranked in the top three as a destination for relocation and international assignments. Read more

Though UK manufacturing has been in decline for several decades, it remains a significant contributor to the economy, with the automobile and aerospace sectors particularly prominent.

As well as being a magnet for tourists, the country’s capital, London, is major financial centre and a top performer in global business league tables. Several other UK cities and regions, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, the Midlands and the South East, are also hubs for foreign direct investment (FDI). However, those managing talent mobility or setting up a business or a branch office in the UK will encounter a number of challenges, in areas ranging from compliance (including tax and immigration) to finding short- or long-term accommodation for relocating employees (including property to rent or buy).

In this section, we bring you up-to-the-minute news, articles, tools and resources, to help you achieve your business objectives and goals. With contributions from experts across global mobility and the relocation industry, we analyse the latest trends in UK relocation and global mobility (inbound, outbound and domestic), including the effects of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, demographic changes, and infrastructure developments like the HS2 rail project.

We look at everything from key relocation destinations and industry sectors to talent management and finding commercial property, as well as the full spectrum of employee and family support topics, including education and international schools, and serviced apartments.

There’s plenty of practical advice, support and information for HR and global managers responsible for international assignments, and for those setting up a business or a company office in the UK.

See also our Enterprise and Mobility Industry sections. For details of suppliers of international assignment and recruitment services, as well as destination services providers and relocation management companies that support businesses on the move, see our Directory. Keep informed by subscribing to our newsletters and other publications, and look out for details of our latest study tours and fact-finding missions to destinations across the UK and Europe.

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News and features

Crown World Mobility: It’s time to ask: How does Europe feel about Brexit?

Crown World Mobility asked: How does Europe feel about Brexit?

Brexit has dominated headlines in the UK ever since June 2016 when the country voted to leave the European Union, but it's not just the UK that will be affected. Crown World Mobility polled over 3500 professionals to find out how European professionals feel about Brexit.


Young people in various work uniforms

Calls for government action on ‘unequal’ work experience

The Youth Select Committee yesterday published its report into barriers faced by young people accessing work experience, calling for a better framework linked to the Industrial Strategy.
How can we help children to become digital ninjas?

How can we help children to become digital ninjas?

One of the biggest issues for parents of adolescents is that most grew up in a world without 24-hour access to digital technology. How can we help children to successfully navigate the pitfalls of digital media when we ourselves feel like we are often operating in the dark?
British international schools ‘need 230,000 more teachers’

British international schools ‘need 230,000 more teachers’

New research has shown that the British international school sector will need an additional 230,000 teachers in the next ten years in order to meet staffing requirements.

Short-and long-term accommodation

Crown World Mobility Lisa Johnson

Get ready for 2019 with a Crown-sponsored ERC webinar

The ERC webinar, hosted by Lisa Johnson at Crown World Mobility, will provide insights for Global Mobility professionals to consider as they prepare for 2019.
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