Mini Factsheets

Introducing our new Mini Factsheet series, designed to help you incorporate global mobility into managing and supporting international teams and grow your people and organisation in new locations.


New to global mobility – Mini Factsheets to get you up to speed

Download the Mini Factsheets to explore emerging trends in Global Mobility and Global Leadership from our sister website, Think Global People.

Mini Factsheets for Global Mobility:

Employee and family supportRelocation policy design/implementation
  • Interanational assignment policy design
  • Commuter & frequent flyer assignments policy design
  • Long-term assignment policy design
  • Repatriation policy
  • Short-term assignment policy design
Remote/hybrid working
  • Remote, hybrid & virtual work
Working across cultures  
  • Working across cultures

Mini Factsheets for Global Leadership:

Health and well-being/work-life balance
  • Health and well-being
Diversity and inclusion
  • Diversity & inclusion
Talent and career management
  • Talent and career managment 

Global Mobility Mini-Factsheets Coming Soon:  

Remote/hybrid working
  • Talent implications               
  • Policy implications
Dual careers
  • Barrier or faciliator to global mobility
  • Policy elements to support dual career couples
  • Immigration lobbying – taking action for change
  • Career coordination strategies to facilitate global mobility

Global Leadership Mini-Factsheets Coming Soon:  

Diversity and inclusion
  • Implications for policy design
  • Gender
  • Race/ethnicity
  • Disability
  • LGBT
  • Intersectionality
  • Understanding ESG and its importance
  • Environmental interventions – global mobility
  • Social interventions – CSR
  • Governance issues – employee engagement
  • Governance issues – leadership approaches

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