Talent Management

Talent management is at the top of business agendas around the world. If they are to compete in global markets, organisations must recruit, retain and develop the best talent, often in fields where there are skills shortages. To do this successfully, they must fulfil the career aspirations of different generations of the workforce, from Millennials and Generation Y to Generation X and Baby Boomers, while ensuring they meet key business objectives, such as succession planning. Read more

Talent mobility – the movement of talent across an organisation’s departments, divisions and locations – plays an increasingly important part in global businesses’ talent management strategies. International assignments and relocations may both form part of a corporate talent mobility programme.


With contributions from experts, this section provides HR and talent managers, whether or not they are managing international assignments and global mobility, with the news, articles, tools and advice they need to keep up with the latest developments in talent management and formulate effective talent management solutions. It covers both policy and practice across a host of topics, including skills strategies, recruitment, and training and development, from career and leadership planning for graduate recruits and interns to developing women leaders and senior managers. Insights from the latest global mobility surveys are also featured.

See also our International Assignments, Human Resources, and Talent Management sections. For details of organisations in the global mobility industry that provide international assignment and recruitment services, as well as destination services providers and relocation management companies, see our Directory. Keep informed by subscribing to our newsletters and other publications.

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working from anywhere

Future of Work: Outbreaks push more ASPAC companies toward Work from Anywhere

Murray Sarelius, Head of People Services at KPMG China discusses how ASPAC companies adapated to work from anywhere and how this will impact businesses moving forward.
overseas worker in meeting

Call to scrap short-term ICT visa rules

The UK's leading trade body for the financial services industry is calling on the government to scrap visas for overseas staff needed for short-term, intra-company transfer (ICT) projects
flexible working at home

Flexible working ‘a must’ across Europe

More than a third of workers across Europe would turn down a new job if flexible hours were not on offer, according to a new survey.

Learning & Development

estee lauder

Sacked by an algorithm: can employment law keep up with advances in technology?

The last few years in the workplace have seen a “tech revolution”, and the pandemic has accelerated the changes that were already taking place.
Young man and woman stand in their new workplace smiling proudly to camera

What do graduates want from employers?

Undergraduates sitting their finals this summer will enter one of the strongest jobs markets this decade. A cluster of new reports shows how graduate recruitment is changing.
Pile of books

Books to guide your growth strategy in the new world of work

Fiona Murchie takes a look at some new editions and new books to bring you up to speed.
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