Talent Management

Talent management is at the top of business agendas around the world. If they are to compete in global markets, organisations must recruit, retain and develop the best talent, often in fields where there are skills shortages. To do this successfully, they must fulfil the career aspirations of different generations of the workforce, from Millennials and Generation Y to Generation X and Baby Boomers, while ensuring they meet key business objectives, such as succession planning. Read more

Talent mobility – the movement of talent across an organisation’s departments, divisions and locations – plays an increasingly important part in global businesses’ talent management strategies. International assignments and relocations may both form part of a corporate talent mobility programme.


With contributions from experts, this section provides HR and talent managers, whether or not they are managing international assignments and global mobility, with the news, articles, tools and advice they need to keep up with the latest developments in talent management and formulate effective talent management solutions. It covers both policy and practice across a host of topics, including skills strategies, recruitment, and training and development, from career and leadership planning for graduate recruits and interns to developing women leaders and senior managers. Insights from the latest global mobility surveys are also featured.

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Latest Talent Management News

Coronavirus vaccines

Differing global vaccine programmes create challenges for employers with overseas staff

Towergate Health & Protection highlights the differing global vaccine programmes, the challenges this creates for employers with overseas staff, and how best to create confidence among employees.



Call to ease visa rules to tackle skills shortage

One of the UK's largest business organisations is calling for a more flexible and affordable immigration system after a survey found companies are facing mounting problems hiring the skills they need.
Global competition for tech talent hots up

Global competition for tech talent hots up

Policy makers around the world are pushing hard on immigration and investment levers in a bid to attract the best digital skills.
Photo illustrating an article about fintech in the UK

Surge in UK fintech, manufacturing and vacancies

A "massive" increase in professional vacancies in the UK, a record high in manufacturing output and an optimistic forecast for the nation's fintech sector are all being reported this week.

Learning & Development

The Management Shift

Way Forward to Recovery with The Management Shift

How can The Management Shift help recalibrate and unleash our creativity to create better, more humanised businesses and other systems?
cambridge university

Vaccine success boosts appeal of UK universities

The UK's successful rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine has made British universities more appealing to overseas students than those in the US, Canada, Australia and Germany, according to a global survey.

Thousands bid to relocate to UK from Hong Kong

The worsening political situation in Hong Kong has already resulted in some 27,000 locals applying for residency in the UK under a scheme that only opened at the start of last month.


Laptop and homework

Homeworking 'more or as productive' finds new CIPD research

New research by the CIPD shows the shift to homeworking over the pandemic has been a positive experience for most employers. Work-life balance, collaboration and focus have all improved.

Video Call Fatigue Amounts to 862 Million Unproductive Businesses Hours

Connected Brits admit to spending hours getting ready for work-related video calls during lockdown and struggling to get back into the zone once the call is over, leading to millions of hours of ‘wasted’ work time since lockdown.
Hands signifying diversity

‘Resilience triples with well-rounded wellbeing support’

The workplace Return, Reset or Reboot demands agility and resilience. Yet a new survey by Aon suggests only 30% of employees feel resilient, highlighting a need for employers to re-examine people risk.


John Blakey and the AoEC at the Royal Society coaching event

From awkward to meaningful conversations: Coaching for tomorrow

Last Thursday’s Academy of Executive Coaching panel debate at the Royal Society offered insight on the transformational skills we need for change and how best to prepare for tomorrow.
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