Talent Management

Talent management is at the top of business agendas around the world. If they are to compete in global markets, organisations must recruit, retain and develop the best talent, often in fields where there are skills shortages. To do this successfully, they must fulfil the career aspirations of different generations of the workforce, from Millennials and Generation Y to Generation X and Baby Boomers, while ensuring they meet key business objectives, such as succession planning. Read more

Talent mobility – the movement of talent across an organisation’s departments, divisions and locations – plays an increasingly important part in global businesses’ talent management strategies. International assignments and relocations may both form part of a corporate talent mobility programme.


With contributions from experts, this section provides HR and talent managers, whether or not they are managing international assignments and global mobility, with the news, articles, tools and advice they need to keep up with the latest developments in talent management and formulate effective talent management solutions. It covers both policy and practice across a host of topics, including skills strategies, recruitment, and training and development, from career and leadership planning for graduate recruits and interns to developing women leaders and senior managers. Insights from the latest global mobility surveys are also featured.

See also our International Assignments, Human Resources, and Talent Management sections. For details of organisations in the global mobility industry that provide international assignment and recruitment services, as well as destination services providers and relocation management companies, see our Directory. Keep informed by subscribing to our newsletters and other publications.

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Latest Talent Management News

Certification for quality control, which ensures that the company product meets its standards On the virtual screen

Firms ignorant over 'right to work' changes

Research has uncovered widespread unawareness among UK employers over changes over the Right to Work verification rules for employees that come into effect at the end of this month.


4-day work week symbol

Bank declares four-day week a win-win

An app-based bank in the UK has declared its trial of a four-day working week to be a "huge success" both for its employees and for its business.
visa overhaul

Visa overhaul ‘needed to tackle skills shortage’

Official labour market figures published on Tuesday have led to renewed calls from two of the UK's largest business organisations for further relaxations in immigration rules to help overcome the nation's skills shortage.
hr recruitment international

More firms eye foreign hirings, survey finds

Companies are increasingly turning to recruiting overseas staff in a bid to overcome the current skills shortage in the UK, according to a new survey.
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