Global Mobility: Leadership Requires Presence

Watch this short interview, with Jenny Robinson and John Rason, taken at the recent Future of Work Festival to learn more about the project and its purpose.

santa fe leadership requires presence

Executive Summary

As organisations seek to thrive as we move out of the Global COVID-19 Pandemic, we have experienced a ‘natural experiment’ that has helped us ask the question: is there really sufficient value to justify these moves?
To research this more deeply, Dr Phil Renshaw (Visiting Fellow, Cranfield University) and Dr Jenny Robinson (Visiting Fellow, Henley Business School) have been sponsored by Santa Fe Relocation. Both are published academics in the fields of Global Mobility and Leadership, in addition to having experienced international assignments in their respective business careers.

Report Methodology

The research involves interviews with senior HR/GM and business leaders with experience of significant relocation of employees.‘Is relocation worth it, or do modern technologies and ‘agile’ ways of working diminish our appetite for international assignments?’For many years, people have asked whether deploying employees on international assignments is truly good value for money:
  • Why could this work not be done remotely?
  • Why could this work not be done by occasional visits through commuting?
  • Why could this work simply not be done by local talent?
Although this project is in its early stages, the initial findings are already consistent and worth sharing.The bottom line, both figuratively and literally, appears to be that physical presence (whether short term or long term) is both necessary and sufficient to develop true global leadership capabilities through international work.

Being physically present enables leadership presence!

To see the fuller interim Report, click here
The research is ongoing at present and if you should like to discuss it further or indeed participate with a leadership colleague from your organisation, Phil or John Rason, Group Head of Consulting at Santa Fe Relocation, would be delighted to hear from you.Dr Phil Renshaw : Rason :
About the Authors: Dr Phil Renshaw (Visiting Fellow, Cranfield University) and Dr Jenny Robinson (Visiting Fellow, Henley Business School).
Dr Phil and Dr Jenny are Coaches, Consultants, Academics and Authors
Coaching On the Go

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