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After a decade of rapid growth, during which it became a leading destination for international assignments and relocation, Latin America faces testing times, both economically and politically. Now, steps taken to encourage foreign direct investment, particularly by Brazil, the region’s largest economy, are helping LATAM to get back to business. Read more

A range of challenges await those managing talent mobility in Latin America, or responsible for setting up a business or a company office in the region. In Brazil, these include compliance, particularly with immigration regulations, and cost. Assignees, too, face challenges, not the least of which are finding suitable expat housing, such as a serviced apartment or a rented property.

In this section, HR and global mobility managers responsible for international assignees in Latin America, whether they are on long-term, short-term, rotational or project-led assignments, will find the support and information they need to ensure that their organisations comply with all the regulations governing the management of international relocations and assignments to the region.

Through news, articles, tools and resources, we analyse the key factors impacting Latin America’s relocation and global mobility scene, and keep you informed of current trends in inbound, outbound and domestic relocation – from talent management to the latest relocation hotspots and the industry sectors that are leading the way in relocation. We also cover the full range of employee and family support topics, including health, education and international schools, residential property, and serviced apartments.

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