Smiling businesswoman having video call while working from home office

Hybrid and mobile work 'boost satisfaction and inclusion'

New research into the future of work suggests half of employees will work permanently on a hybrid basis or be fully mobile. Both customer and employee experience improve as a result, with technology playing a key role.

Enabling dual careers in the global workplace

'Diverse researcher career pathways will power UK innovation and growth'

Women professionals get hybrid working boost


Image of King\'s InterHigh student at her desk

AI Revolution in Education: Transforming Learning with Inspired AI

Every child in each classroom is different, so why are they all taught the same?
We all know that education should never be one-size-fits-all, but the constraints of traditional schooling have made classroom differentiation difficult for even the most devoted teachers — until now.

The impact of property turmoil on global mobility

Upskilling for AI

Preparing for the AI revolution in education, business and governance

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