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Navigating global education systems, exams and qualifications is a priority for employees relocating with K12 children. International employers and global mobility professionals supporting their relocation also need to understand the school choice and application process and what information parents need to accept a relocation or international assignment. This supports recruitment and retention particularly when faced with global skills shortages in many industry sectors.

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Relocating parents, corporate employers and relocation professionals need to be able to compare global educations systems and make informed decisions about choosing a school that is right for the individual child to support the child's educational needs and flourish in their learning. Transition care is important for not just the child but the whole family to settle successfully. Read more

Depending on their location, parents opting for an international school may have access to a range of curriculum options for their children. English-speaking international schools abound throughout the world. There may be hundreds of English-medium international schools in a country or region with many possibiliteis for a family.

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