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It’s not surprising, therefore, that a variety of high-quality technology solutions are emerging to support the global mobility sector. These include: software to help companies to manage and deliver their mobility programmes and track their employees to ensure compliance with immigration, tax and social security regulations; devices and apps that help to control the cost of managing international assignments; and solutions for global mobility training and communication, recruitment and talent management.

The growing range of technologies designed to make life easier for relocating employees and their families includes solutions for cross-cultural support, security tracking, health monitoring and advice, area orientation, and property tours.

This section keeps you up to date with the latest technology developments for global mobility, HR, international assignees, and relocating staff, in the UK and around the world. It also covers such hot topics as trends, up-and-coming locations for technology companies, relocation in the technology sector, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

For detailed coverage of specific topics, see our Immigration, Corporate Finance, International Assignments, Talent Management, Mobility Industry, Culture & Language, Global Health and Wellness, Residential Property, and Partner & Family Support sections. For details of organisations in the global mobility industry that provide international assignment and relocation services, see our Directory. To have the latest information delivered straight to your inbox, subscribing to our newsletters and other publications.

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Latest Technology News


AI and booking systems top priorities for travel tech stacks

Travel industry set to increase investment in technology with AI and booking systems taking poll position in tech stacks as websites declared most effective at driving bookings
Image of Bett UK event Jan 24

New transatlantic partnership aims to put children’s voices at the heart of AI development to address impact and risks

The NSPCC and Common Sense Media, will launch a new transatlantic partnership at Bett UK on 25 January 2024.
Smiling businesswoman having video call while working from home office

Hybrid and mobile work 'boost satisfaction and inclusion'

New research into the future of work suggests half of employees will work permanently on a hybrid basis or be fully mobile. Both customer and employee experience improve as a result, with technology playing a key role.

Latest Technology Features


Tech-focussed, sustainable and personalised – here are the emerging trends in serviced apartments

Traveller safety and cost containment remain top priorities for mobility teams and organisations with a global workforce. The serviced apartment sector is also adapting to new workforce demographics and shifting demands. Marianne Curphey reports.


Artificial Intelligence the impact on the global mobility function

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become headline news with media stories suggesting that it could potentially take over from human beings, even writing us out of the picture completely. So what does AI mean for the global mobility function? Dr Sue Shortland reports on recent AIRINC research into the role of AI and other technological advancements.
Compliance and workflow theme with person using a laptop on a white table

Equus Software and Vialto Partners launch new strategic agreement

The alliance between the leading technology and service platforms will enhance how companies manage their mobile workforce and drive global mobility transformation.
tech training

IBM chief says better tech training 'a must'

The head of IBM in the UK is urging government, industry and academia to work together to improve training for recruits and existing staff so that Europe's chronic shortage of tech skills can be overcome.

Digital Natives

Student, Education, Music, headphone, Girls,

21K School: a window on the world of digital education

Santosh Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO, and Yeshwanth Raj Parasmal, Co-Founder and COO of the 21K School open the digital doors to their thriving online school community in conversation with Fiona Murchie.
Gen Z professional under stress at desk

Generation Z struggling most to manage wellbeing

New McKinsey research highlights the strains young people feel post-Covid. Its findings offer HR and people professionals insight into how to engage and support this cohort in the workplace.
Image of remote employee logging in via VPN on desktop

Remote working 'posing cyber attack risks'

A major survey of UK companies has exposed mounting concerns over firms' vulnerability to cyber attacks because of the massive increase in remote working during the pandemic.

Software Developments

Certino Shadow Payroll

Global Payroll in 2023: What do the experts say?

Today's global mobility (GM) landscape is rapidly evolving. When it comes to international payroll organisations are looking for new, automated capabilities that enable smarter, safer and more employee-friendly processes than ever before, explains Richard McBride of Certino. He asked several experts to share their predictions on this fascinating space.
Invest in tech to survive and thrive in 2023

Invest in tech to survive and thrive in 2023

Global companies that maximise their tech options will reap the rewards, finds a new industry report. Marianne Curphey explores what is working for leading tech organisations and how international teams are identifying new markets.
boosting bandwidth

Boosting bandwidth: upgrading global tech-talent strategies

The figures are brutal: by 2026, the current global shortage of software engineers will have grown by more than 545,000. How can global economies and employers fill the gap? David Sapsted reports.

Relocate Awards Technology Showcase

Outdoors at the 2021 Relocate Awards

Setting the scene for you to experience the Virtual Awards Ceremony

I invite you to remember the wonderful things you have achieved, the innovations, the light-bulb moments, the warmth of spirit when your team comes together to do great things, the small steps, that helped you get there.
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Highly Commended

The following organisations were highly commended in the 2021 Relocate and Think Global People Awards.
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