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Winner of the 2021 Relocate Award for Excellence in Technology or Analytics – Corporate
Relocate Awards Supplement
This article is taken from the 2021 Relocate and Think Global People Awards supplement.
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The Topia One platform is described as a complete platform that will cover all aspects of the relocation process. That is exactly what it is and so much more. The slick video provided and live demonstration to the judges, illustrated the capabilities very well. It is clear that the integrated manner in which the data is presented for corporate client users, their vendors and assignees can fully support global mobility and talent management.As Judge Mark Ethelston said, “Topia had developed a great technology platform some years ago, but they did not stop there. Topia’s platform is a great product that keeps getting better.“Topia have also opened up their technology to a wider range of customers, with their more recent and more cost effective ‘off the shelf ’ product, to suit companies with smaller assignee populations, making it much more accessible.“Finally, Topia have put a lot of effort into assuring the market that they are not just focused on the more tech focused, cost effective assigned populations and that their services can be tailored to meet the requirements of all levels of assignees and types of programmes.”

Strategic talent mobility

Topia has been on a journey to explain the link between global mobility and talent management for some time. Now they have evolved their platform even further to fully support business leaders with the information they need to deploy talent rapidly. With some economies recovering fast now and others back in lockdown, the need to access talent and respond to supply chain disruption has never been greater. This means mobilising employees quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively to support the business or organisational needs. With compliance data on tax and immigration status sitting alongside assignment information and talent management files, the opportunity to respond to operational requests to get talent in the right place at the right time should be so much easier and more accurate.The focus on the employee experience has been stepped up too. This is no doubt an area Topia will keep revisiting as  international assignees and business travellers become ever more demanding led by their digital experience in areas of their personal life.

Freeing up resources

The integration with Workday must be a huge step forward for many HR generalists responsible for the global mobility function and will no doubt open the market to new users. For those in HR software development the ‘Holy Grail’ for employers is the wealth of data held on employees from employment on day one. The Topia platform demonstrates the valuable link between global mobility and talent management, and will no doubt be welcomed by global mobility specialists able to free up time to get involved strategically at an early stage in areas such as resourcing new projects or managing takeovers and mergers.Steve Black accepted the Award virtually and said, “On behalf of the entire team at Topia I'm so excited for us to be the winner of the Excellence in Technology award. We're been so pleased with the positive feedback from our customers in the experience that our technology delivers to help mobility programmes of all shapes and sizes. It's such an honour to be recognised by the judges. We love the Relocate Awards and we look forward to getting together in person very soon.”www.topia.com

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