Meet the Relocate team

Fiona Murchie
Fiona Murchie is Relocate's publisher and managing editor.  She has over 25 years experience working in management and HR publishing, and global mobility.  From this unique perspective, she contributes features to both the magazine and website, and commissions content across the media.   

David Ward
David Ward is our Commercial Director.

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Alessandra Gnudi
Alessandra Gnudi is our Business Development and Relocation Services Consultant. She is highly experienced in supporting international expatriates and the corporate clients supporting their relocation moves.

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Catherine Simms
Catherine Simms is our Office Manager and administrator for Awards and Events

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David Sapsted, award-winning journalist for Relocate Global
David Sapsted is a former chief reporter on The Times, news editor and New York correspondent on The Daily Telegraph.  He was UK correspondent of The National, an English-language daily in the UAE.  

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Ruth Holmes, Journalist for Relocate
Ruth Holmes is a journalist who focuses primarily on the HR aspect of global mobility. Researching and writing articles on talent management, pay and benefits, and the inter-generational workforce, Ruth has almost two decades’ experience in the field. Her interest in international HR also regularly sees her following emerging economy developments in Asia and Africa.

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Satski Gamble
Satski Gamble is our administrator for Awards

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Sally Robinson sml
Sally Robinson

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Fay Hawkins sml
Fay Hawkins is our Designer.

Emma Broughton Turner
Emma Broughton Turner is our Marketing Consultant.

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Marianne Curphey 23
Marianne Curphey is a freelance journalist for the magazine and website.

Islay OHara sml
Islay O'Hara is responsible for our PR and external communications.

Kate Hodgson sml
Kate Hodgson deals with our Social Media.