Partner & Family Support

Partners’ careers, childcare and education are key concerns for many relocating families. Current demographic trends mean that some must also take into account the welfare of parents, or other elderly relatives, when considering relocation.

Without adequate partner and family support, employees may refuse the move, or the relocation may fail. This section brings together news, features and practical advice on the full range of employee family support topics.

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Disability pay gap widens despite skills shortages

New figures from the Office for National Statistics show the median pay gap between people with disabilities and people without was 13.8% in 2021 – a rise from 11.7% in 2014. The gap highlights opportunities for employer action.

Partner Careers

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FOCUS: Career Development Programme

FOCUS Info Services is a non-profit organisation which has been working with Global Mobility and HR teams for 40 years.
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International remote working: global mobility’s leading edge?

International remote working is a growth area. As organisations adapt and work out what it means for them, Crown World Mobility’s latest report looks at the impact on global mobility.
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Dual career couples: successful job search abroad

For the partners of employees relocating overseas, maintaining a career can be a challenge. Alessandra Gnudi, Executive Director of FOCUS, an organisation that specialises in supporting relocating expats, offers some practical tips for partners aiming to secure that all-important first overseas position.


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Competition for international school places in Singapore intensifies

The cost of debentures for Hong Kong’s international schools have fallen by a third. This as international schools in Singapore sees a rising number of enquiries and a shortfall of places.
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International early-learning: a great start

Early Years education is an important introduction to education and an invaluable grounding for a flourishing future. For international families, the right pre-school also offers a ready-made community.

Thank you to all schools for leading the way

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Great International Education & Schools Fair in November.
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