Partner & Family Support

Partners’ careers, childcare and education are key concerns for many relocating families. Current demographic trends mean that some must also take into account the welfare of parents, or other elderly relatives, when considering relocation.

Without adequate partner and family support, employees may refuse the move, or the relocation may fail. This section brings together news, features and practical advice on the full range of employee family support topics.

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Latest Partner & Family Support News

International Women's Day

Brainstorming coworkers

Making sense of work today for a better tomorrow

Much has changed for those of us managing and leading people in an international environment, in global mobility and HR. We explored the opportunities and challenges across industry sectors at the Future of Work Festival.

Partner Careers

Man using a laptop

International remote working: global mobility’s leading edge?

International remote working is a growth area. As organisations adapt and work out what it means for them, Crown World Mobility’s latest report looks at the impact on global mobility.
usiness Career Concept. Afro Businesswoman Smiling Sitting In Modern Office. Copy Space

Prep, Push, Pivot: Essential career strategies for underrepresented women

Career expert Octavia Goredema MBE publishes the UK edition of her career guide for women of colour this International Women’s Day. Relocate Global talks to Octavia to find out how we can all advocate for every woman’s progression at work.
Picture of female judge with gavel and scales of justice imbalanced in the background

Sex and Power 2022: women hold less than third of top jobs

An index tracking the progress of female representation at senior levels in UK business shows the pace of change is ‘glacial’. It also highlights the scale of ethnicity gaps.


Cheerful school friends with arms around each other, happiness, togetherness, friendship. Portrait of school children smiling in classroom

Competition for international school places in Singapore intensifies

The cost of debentures for Hong Kong’s international schools have fallen by a third. This as international schools in Singapore sees a rising number of enquiries and a shortfall of places.
Two preschool children looking delighted in forest setting

International early-learning: a great start

Early Years education is an important introduction to education and an invaluable grounding for a flourishing future. For international families, the right pre-school also offers a ready-made community.

How does a tech-savvy School resolve ‘the social dilemma’?

This year’s must-see documentary is ​The Social Dilemma​ on Netflix, which highlights the downsides of social media in terms of adolescent mental health, political polarisation, and consumer manipulation. It’s a terrifying behind-the-scenes expose, told through the eyes of those who helped to create the technology, and were initially so optimistic about its power to change the world for good.
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