Partner & Family Support

Partners’ careers, childcare and education are key concerns for many relocating families. Current demographic trends mean that some must also take into account the welfare of parents, or other elderly relatives, when considering relocation.

Without adequate partner and family support, employees may refuse the move, or the relocation may fail. This section brings together news, features and practical advice on the full range of employee family support topics.

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Latest Partner & Family Support News

Relocate Magazine Sarah Rozenthal interview

Mobility and purpose in the Age of Attrition

Management consultants McKinsey suggest that 40% of workers globally are looking to change jobs in the next 12 months. Ruth Holmes interviews Sarah Rozenthuler ahead of her Purpose workshop on 7 October.

International Women's Day

Illustration of woman steps behind three men

No change on UK gender pay gap

CIPD analysis of 2018-19 and 2020-21 gender pay reporting finds women still earn 90p for every pound earned by men. Tackling unconscious bias key, says workplace psychology consultancy, Pearn Kandola.

Partner Careers


Pandemic dampens cities' appeal to expats

The 'liveability' ratings for expatriates of almost three-quarters of cities around the world have fallen over the past year because of limitations on movement and recreation resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

Focusing on the family: Policy issues in the COVID-19 era

As the Covid-19 pandemic enters its third wave, many expatriate families are looking to repatriate when they can but there are still international relocations being planned which involve outbound family mobility. Educational, dual career, well-being and adjustment training issues remain significant to the success of global relocation exercises as well as to effective repatriation. Dr Sue Shortland examines global mobility policy actions in the context of the pandemic.

Thank you to all schools for leading the way

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Great International Education & Schools Fair in November.



How does a tech-savvy School resolve ‘the social dilemma’?

This year’s must-see documentary is ​The Social Dilemma​ on Netflix, which highlights the downsides of social media in terms of adolescent mental health, political polarisation, and consumer manipulation. It’s a terrifying behind-the-scenes expose, told through the eyes of those who helped to create the technology, and were initially so optimistic about its power to change the world for good.
ACS primary school teaching

Increasing pressures on young children… and the solution

Lacy Chapman, Head of Lower School at ACS Cobham International School takes a look at the increasing strains on primary school children and examines some of the potential solutions.
Image of parents on pavement

New data on shared parental leave suggests more to be done: CIPD

A year after the introduction of shared parental leave (SPL), new CIPD research concludes employers and government could do much more to encourage take up and support working parents.
How to find and follow your purpose for career successHow to find and follow your purpose for career success
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