Magpie dancers celebrate Borrowed Land Success!

Magpie Dance, one of the UK’s leading dance charities for people with learning disabilities, were delighted to welcome an audience of 300+ to their full company production Borrowed Land at Langley Park Centre for Performing Arts on Sunday 23rd July.

Magpie Dance July 2023

The Mayor of Bromley greeting Magpie Dance volunteers

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The production was the culmination of this year’s artistic theme Borrowed Land which looked at dances from indigenous cultures connecting people to nature. During this project Magpie Dancers have worked with visiting artists and explored different dance styles in sessions to create their own live and digital performances.The event began with an interactive multisensory exhibition where audience members could learn all about the Borrowed Land project, play musical instruments and through immersive technology virtually explore the Amazon rainforest, view planet Earth from outer space and much more! You can now view this exhibition virtually, click here.Magpie Dancers from Junior, Youth Technique and Adult Technique sessions taught fun classes for audience members to join in and have a go.Magpie Dance July 2023.2Magpie Adult Dancers performingThis was followed by a full company performance where over 80 dancers ages 3+ with learning disabilities performed on stage accompanied by a live band, they also premiered their new film Kingdom based on workshops with Akram Khan Dance Company. In response to the video, Akram Khan said Absolutely wonderful, and moving!!! A really a beautiful encounter.”Among the audience Magpie Dance were delighted to welcome the Mayor of Bromley, who enjoyed the exhibition, joined in workshops and greeted dancers and Magpie Dance volunteers.Magpie Dance July 2023.3Magpie Mini’s and Juniors performingMagpie Dance’s Executive Director, Laura Graham said:“Everyone at Magpie Dance has worked extremely hard leading up to this fantastic event and the success is an accolade to them.  We hold these whole company performances annually for our dancers as well as their families and friends; it’s an opportunity to showcase their work and also to invite new audiences in to see the unique talent and abilities of each and every person at Magpie Dance. Thank you to absolutely everyone that was involved and make sure you save the 28th July for next year’s spectacular!”A huge thank you to all who attended Borrowed Land and to those who made the event possible, Magpie Dance staff, volunteers and musicians, the venue and technical staff, Magpie parents, carers and support workers and of course all of the wonderful Magpie Dancers!“The event far exceeded our expectations, and we were absolutely blown away by the heartwarming performances of the talented dancers. Each one of them radiated joy and passion, leaving a lasting impression on us.” – Magpie Dance ParentMagpie Dance July 2023.4Audience members enjoying the exhibitionFind out more about supporting those with learning and physical disabilities in the forthcoming article from Ruth Holmes in our Autumn digital magazine, published end of September.

Accessing global careers: a physical disability perspective

Successful businesses recognise the strategic importance of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in their workforce. Research shows the financial benefits of authentically embedded DEI approaches. From an intersectional perspective, one group of people who remain overlooked are those with a physical disability. How can employers and the global mobility supply chain widen access to provide better products and services and global carers for an estimated one in four of the world population?

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