After a difficult few years following the global financial crash that halted its spectacular economic growth, the so-called Celtic Tiger is roaring once again. Read more

Ireland’s export sector, dominated by foreign multinationals, is a major component of this small, trade-dependent economy.

The IT industry is particularly strong, household-name global companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Dell, GE, IBM, Intel, Hewlett Packard and Merck having set up operations in Ireland. Other key sectors are pharmaceuticals and biotech. Major players here include Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Novartis, Bayer and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). 

The country’s attractions for multinationals include a young, skilled workforce and a flexible, buoyant labour market, although skills shortages have been reported in IT, construction, engineering, life sciences and technology.

As home to around a third of Ireland’s population, Dublin, Ireland’s capital city and a leading Brexit-path destination, is the main focus of relocation and international assignments and the location of most of Ireland’s international schools. The city and county of Cork, in the west of the country, is another important focus for international business.

Challenges for those managing international assignments, and for assignees, include limited availability of homes to rent and places at private, international and state schools, plus cultural issues and immigration.

In this section, HR and global mobility managers responsible for international assignments to Ireland will find the information and practical advice they need to ensure that their organisations comply with all relevant regulations and legislation. There’s also plenty of practical advice, support and information for those setting up a business or a company office in Ireland.

Through news, articles, tools and resources, we analyse the key factors impacting Ireland’s relocation and global mobility scene, and keep you informed of current trends in inbound, outbound and domestic relocation – from talent management to the latest relocation hotspots and the industry sectors that are leading the way in relocation.

We also cover the full range of employee and family support topics, including education and international schools, residential property, serviced apartments and health.

See also our Enterprise and Mobility Industry sections. For details of suppliers of international assignment and recruitment services, as well as destination services providers and relocation management companies that support businesses on the move, see our Directory. Keep informed by subscribing to our newsletters and other publications, and look out for details of our latest study tours and fact-finding missions to destinations across Europe.

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