Relocate magazine autumn 2018: out September!

Don’t miss the autumn conference issue of Relocate magazine with a focus on the evolving role of global mobility, technology, millennials and employer branding. We also provide practical help with Brexit plans and put North America in the spotlight.

Relocate magazine autumn 2018: out September!

Regional Focus – North America

In the lead up to the CERC National Conference in Montreal in September and Worldwide ERC’s Global Workforce Symposium in Seattle in October, we examine the latest trends in global mobility amidst a changing political and economic background.


In 2017, during his inaugural speech, US President Donald Trump pledged to put “America first”. Today, his aim to protect the interests of US people and business is now as much a reality as it is rhetoric. Following a recent whistle-stop tour of Europe, Ruth Holmes reviews his impact on global mobility.


How is Canada’s ‘open for business’ approach supporting global mobility? We take a look at cross-border issues and relocation challenges. 

Brexit challenges and opportunities – next steps

Continuing our focus on Brexit challenges we want to provide practical help for companies and are beginning a series of events aimed at helping companies to prepare – find out more in this issue.We will look at what it takes to set up in a new dominion, how to plan a move and explore the potential issues, with advice on relocation to European destinations including, France, Germany, Ireland and The Netherlands.

The evolving role of global mobility

Ruth Holmes looks at the evidence revealed through surveys and conferences to discover if there really has been a move towards global mobility as a strategic partner to the business from the more process- and compliance-driven.

Policy design – millennials on the move

As millennials increasingly gain a share of mobility opportunities, so relocation professionals need to consider the policy components that will motivate and support them. But might millennial policy segmentation be a step too far? Dr Sue Shortland explains.

Industry focus: mining 

The mining sector is undergoing significant change in the way it operates with new technologies and urgent people management overhauls at the heart of it. Ledetta Asfa-Wossen reports

Employer branding – the new relocation revolution?

Cutting across a range of relocation activities including selection, training, compensation and communications, the concept of employer branding is generating a quiet revolution. Dr Sue Shortland explains how the relocation experience is fundamental to a positive employer brand.


How are tech megatrends impacting global mobility? 

We investigate how technology is making global mobility easier, but where do you find the best solutions for your organisation? 

Global mobility: immigration and tax changes

We provide a round up of changes that could impact your business growth, including the mobility of business travellers and international assignees.


Why bilingual education offers students a competitive advantage

Research has shown that a bilingual education can lead to advanced language skills, greater job prospects and enhanced cognitive abilities. Andrew Coombe of Cambridge Assessment International explains. 

Under pressure? Student wellbeing moves to the top of the agenda

With reports of one in four children showing signs of anxiety and depression, governments and schools are seeking to address a growing problem. Heather Carruthers looks at how schools around the world are approaching the issue.

Spotting new talent? How to interpret the 2018 school exam results

This summer students around the world received their examination results but recent reforms to A Levels and GCSEs have left many employers confused over how to interpret CVs and make comparisons. Heather Carruthers reports.

Comparing the US and UK education systems

Because English is the language of instruction in both the UK and the US education systems, it is widely assumed that the two systems are similar to each other but in reality they are quite different. We take a look.

New Education Guide Previews

Get a sneak preview of our new UK and International Education Guides 2018/19 and find out how to access the full digital editions to pass on to your relocating employees at the start of the new academic year.

New networks, forums and events 

We reveal a range of lively special interest forums, networks and events to support you and your organisation in the fast-changing world of global mobility and international management.For advertising and sponsorship enquiries, call Jane Whitton, Simone Yildiz or Ali Pettitt on +44 (0)1892 891334, or email
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