From Tempest to Midsummer Dream

The Relocate Global and Think Global People Awards are always a highlight of the global mobility calendar. Last year’s virtual awards ceremony was the first of its kind first of its kind for the sector. This year’s were even more special.

Fiona Murchie, at the Relocate Awards
Relocate Awards Supplement
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Entries across the 12 categories this year, applauded by Head Judge Dr Sue Shortland as “the best ever”, showcased how global mobility and international management expertise have risen to extreme challenges and grown in strength out of crisis.A truly remarkable range of learning, creativity, innovation and resilience was evident in what can only auger well for the future of global mobility and its expertise. The 2021 Awards ceremony provided the perfect background to highlight these many successes in the sector.Already having a reputation for always exceeding expectations, the Relocate Global team again created yet another first for the global mobility community. With lockdown easing in the UK, Relocate Global was able to bring together a few of the award winners and judges together in a mini ceremony alongside the main virtual awards on 11 June.On a glorious day, Fiona Murchie, Relocate Global’s Managing Editor, welcomed winners and judges able to attend this small outdoor event, which was recorded live and is available now to view as part of the virtual awards.

Reflecting on and celebrating success

This poignant celebration was hosted by BBC World presenter Jayne Constantinis at the very heart of Relocate Global at its office in the stunning Weald of Kent countryside. For many of the 30 guests and Relocate team, it was the first time in over a year they had been able to join others in such numbers to celebrate in person. They were joined by hundreds of guests attending virtually from all over the world representing every aspect of global mobility.For Anna Fletcher of Heart Relocation, one of the last events she attended in person was Relocate Global’s 2020 Think Women event at the Institute of Directors in March last year, just before the first UK lockdown, to celebrate International Women’s Day.
Also among guests at the live ceremony was Billy Hughes, Area Manager for The Ascott Limited. “It’s so good to be networking today with colleagues and friends. It marks a big step forward to normality, so it’s pretty exciting!”As well as a much longed-for opportunity to be together with friends and colleagues in our sector, there was both palpable excitement and awareness among guests that this year’s Awards and celebrating success has never been more important.“It’s been such a challenging year with businesses going above and beyond while also fighting for their survival,” said Mark Ethelston, global mobility consultant and a member of the Relocate Global and Think Global People Award panel. “It’s been amazing looking through the entries and seeing how companies have put their clients before themselves and their dedication to their customers even when they are struggling. They are a real testament to the profession, and many are emerging stronger.” For fellow judge Paul Williamson, Head of Talent Development, The Ambassador Theatre Group, what stood out was how organisations that “think people” are those that perform. “Knowing your business and knowing what you can achieve using the talent in your organisation shows that really great things can be achieved in really short periods of time if people have the will and determination. That came through really strongly.”Before moving on to announce the winners, and against the backdrop of a tranquil lake and natural abundance, Fiona Murchie invited every guest – both those attending in person and online in the virtual ceremony – to put their worries behind after a tempestuous year and celebrate success. “I invite you to remember the wonderful things you have achieved. The innovations, lightbulb moments, the spirit of warmth when your teams come together to do great things. The small steps that help you get there. Enjoy and remember the magic when everything comes together, everyone is in the flow and you achieve marvellous things. For 50 companies around the world, that has happened. They were generous enough to share their experiences in the award entries and so we can all learn and be inspired.”

Championing joint efforts and teamwork

The guestlist included representatives from supporters and sponsors of the Relocate and Think Global People Awards. Each welcomed the opportunity to mark the achievements of their global mobility community colleagues.Speaking at the mini gathering, Alistair Hunt, Santa Fe Relocation’s Business Development Manager, said the relocation management company’s involvement as sponsor of the Relocate and Think Global People Awards recognises that “a lot of people work very hard behind the scenes. For a lot of businesses, they don’t always get the praise they should do. For our brand, it’s great to be a part of that.”The Association of Relocation Professionals (ARP) was also represented by its chairperson, Simon Johnston, who said ARP’s relationship with Relocate Global is important to help raise the profile of the sector. “Relocation matters – it is a multi-billion-pound business and we are trying to get the government to recognise that.”Inspired by the achievements of the winners, as well as hugely successful innovations like the Great International Education & Schools’ Fairs Relocate Global has pioneered over the past year, Fiona Murchie brought the Awards to a close by outlining a vision for the future that builds on existing partnerships, joint interests and the collaboration so crucial for the sector as it becomes more strategically focused.“As many of you are finding, the pandemic has pushed us to do more innovative things. For us, it’s about consolidating the work we’ve done in terms of content and thought leadership and connecting people around the world.“Our new future and direction is going to be taking things further on the thought leadership side and using this wonderful setting to allow other people to share it. We’ll be doing more films, more podcasts and things like that.“We’re also hoping to have a thought-leadership centre here where you’ll all be invited to get involved. We’d like to house resources from all around the world that are accessible to people. Reports, surveys, learning – everything that makes global mobility so important, but also extending it into the much wider international management world. Let’s have some conversations and really grow global mobility and the wider international management arena.”

Building for the future

Rob Fletcher, co-founder of award winner Heart Relocation, reacted positively to the opportunity for more access to quality information for the sector. “Everybody talks about mobility being hard to talk about because it’s very subjective. There’s no hard data around it. Yet mobility people want to have a more strategic approach and a seat at the strategic table. If there is more creation of data and information that helps people plan and deliver, that can only benefit our organisations.“If we understand more, then we can do better. So, I think creating the right environment – and I think this is a wonderful setting – where people can come and be a bit more open and share more can only be better for our industry.”Simon Johnston agreed. “The interesting thing about thought leadership is that it doesn’t have to be the top tier in companies. It just has to be somebody who has a really good thought.”The Relocate and Think Global People Awards are a fantastic opportunity to showcase excellent practice and research and bring it to wider attention. Entries described a truly humbling and inspiring array of product and service innovation. There were also countless examples of exceptional people making a difference to the lives of globally mobile employees, their families and employers, ensuring everyone thrives in these changing times. Building on this by bringing people, ideas and resources together will mean the bar can continue to be raised across the sector.

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