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How to manage and motivate a global remote workforce using technology

Experiences of the pandemic have been very different from one country to another, and even for one individual to another. As global economies begin to open up, your employees will emerge from this experience with new priorities and needs. How can technology help you deal with the challenges and opportunities that will arise? Marianne Curphey reports.

The evolution of global mobility

As the economic recovery picks up, Cameron Senior, Head of Distribution, HSBC Expat reflects on the importance of the needs of the individual when navigating the complexities of global mobility. Feeling connected to home has proved vital for assignees and flexible working is here to stay post pandemic, he writes.

How sustainable is your global mobility business?

Employees, investors, customers and clients are increasingly looking at the sustainability and environmental impact of companies they do business with. Incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG ) criteria into the core of your strategy can make your brand more attractive and will futureproof your business writes Marianne Curphey.

Global competition for tech talent hots up

Policy makers around the world are pushing hard on immigration and investment levers in a bid to attract the best digital skills writes David Sapsted.

On the move - supporting the smooth transition of a child's education

Written by Esther Clark is Executive Director of Marketing at InterHigh, a leading online educational provider.

ISKL Alumni hosts Future Ready: Alumni Black Box Conversations - The Arts

For students or alumni hoping to pursue a career in the Arts, how interesting would it be to sit down with not just one but four incredibly talented creatives from the arts industry?

Is global work losing its attractiveness?

Global Mobility is in crisis as companies use more virtual work. Convincing staff to accept an assignment abroad has never been harder. Is there a solution? Giovanna Silveira Milani and Michael Dickmann explain.

Supporting minority expatriate diversity

There is a strong business case for widening expatriate diversity, yet we know very little about how minority ethnic, religious, disabled and older assignees can be supported. Dr Sue Shortland explains.

What does leadership look like post-Covid 19?

New hybrid ways of working, a global workforce that is looking for a new direction in 2021, and a need to be alert to the mental and physical health of your staff – all these are challenges for leaders of globally mobile companies. What qualities will be needed to support staff, develop talent and rethink the future, and how can the leader of the future upskill and rise to the challenge? Marianne Curphey reports.
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