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Huge win for Foundation's advocacy in key election year

Permits Foundation’s advocacy continues at pace throughout 2024 as over a quarter of the world’s population in 50 countries visit the polls. This includes elections in several of the Foundation’s top destinations – including India, South Africa, the EU, UK and the US.permits-foundation-news-update-bannerSaveSouth AfricaParticularly post-election, Permits Foundation is stepping up engagement to connect with newly appointed representatives and build momentum on the policy agenda. It has already submitted two evidence-based submissions to the Department of Home Affairs this year as South Africa forges ahead with immigration reform.IrelandIn Ireland, Permit Foundation’s enhanced and collective efforts contributed to “a huge win for global mobility”. It was delighted to welcome the announcement that, from 15 May, spouses and partners of intra-company transferees and general employment permit holders can directly access employment (see below).IndiaThe Foundation will be revisiting activities in India in Q3 2024. It will continue to leverage employer support and re-engage with officials
to move closer towards achieving the recommendation of direct work access for E-3X spouses of intracorporate transferees.SingaporeThe Foundation is also reconnecting with its local network in Singapore and raising issues of significance to the Ministry of Manpower
following the implementation of the COMPASS framework.

Direct work access in Ireland

In Ireland, spouses and partners of intra-corporate transferees and general employment permit holders will now have direct access to employment with immediate effect.Announcing the news, Helen McEntee TD, minister for justice, said: “Many spouses are skilled workers who have left significant jobs and roles to join their families here and wished to continue their careers in Ireland. Fundamentally, I saw this as a missed opportunity, which risked making Ireland less attractive for workers while limiting a person’s ability to contribute to the economy and provide for their family.”Ireland is a priority  country for the Permits Foundation. Its advocacy in recent years and months has been instrumental in this latest decision, offering evidence-based submissions, working with organisations in its sponsor network and policymakers to recommend change.

Global forum on migration and development

Permits Foundation participated in the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) in Geneva in January. The Business Advisory Group launched three papers by Fragomen, Deloitte and the OECD on digital nomads and hybrid work, climate change and skills mobility partnerships. Permits Foundation is proud to have contributed supporting data on the importance of partner work access. All three GFMD papers are available here.

‘Partnering for progress’ – Permits Foundation Permits Foundation 2024 Conference

Baroness Kennedy LT KC joined a fantastic lineup of speakers, including from the International Organisation of Employers, Fragomen, the High Commission of Canada, the Migration Observatory, EY, SLB, Amazon, Xpatweb South Africa, Coca-Cola, Deloitte, NetExpat, Unilever, Permits Foundation patron, Satish Pai, and members of its board and team, to deliver the 2024 conference keynote at EY’s offices in Canary Wharf, London.
FURTHER INFORMATIONFor a host of resources, including ‘The International Dual Careers Survey Report 2022’, visit For further details contact Kathleen Travaille, communications manager, Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit organisation campaigning globally to improve work permit regulations so that partners of highly-skilled international employees may directly access employment while in the host country.

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