New travel management tech responds to post-Covid trends

Business travel management company, Corporate Traveller, unveils Melon, a travel management platform designed for SMEs, as business travel recovers.

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Set to launch to UK customers in early 2022, Melon was developed by Corporate Traveller in response to the evolving expectations of an increasingly travel-hungry, tech-savvy and budget-conscious workforce.Melon's preview at the Business Travel Show Europe in London earlier this month coincided with the highest number of enquiries on Corporate Traveller’s website for two years, suggesting a desire for businesses and corporate travellers to re-start their business travel plans, and tying in with reported recovery in the sector.
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Commenting on the motivation behind Melon, Andy Hegley, UK General Manager, said, “During this period of pause, we listened to our customers to develop a next-generation digital experience that fuses rich content supported by our trademark dedicated and personalised service.“Simple to use and tailored specifically to meet the exacting needs of our customers, Melon is a different type of travel platform — we’re excited to be showcasing Melon for the first time at this year’s Business Travel Show Europe.“In the past month, future bookings for Corporate Traveller have returned to 2019 levels, indicating a strong desire for prospective client meetings which will be further aided by the easing of these barriers to travel,” added Hegley.

AI aligns personal and corporate needs

The new omni-channel platform has been designed to switch between mobile and desktop without losing functionality.Business travel programme managers can control travel options by setting personalised algorithms and individual spend levels. The platform’s AI technology then offers a variety of choices based on learned behaviours to align with company travel policies and programme goals, while taking traveller preferences and loyalty affiliations into consideration.A breakdown of spend, alongside dashboard analysis of important KPI metrics in real-time also helps customers extract key data to inform decision making and accurately manage finances. 

Technology with a personal touch

As barriers to international movement lift and companies resume travel programmes, duty of care continues to be identified as a priority. Corporate Traveller addresses this in multiple ways with Melon: from displaying the latest guidance before booking, to proactively sharing live updates.Programme managers can track employees’ whereabouts in real-time. Melon’s health and safety capabilities also provide prompt alerts on risk-related events impacting travel, such as country-entry requirements, latest government and supplier Covid-19 restrictions, adverse weather, crime and more.These features are underpinned by access to dedicated travel consultants 24/7, 365 days a year.

Compliance in business travel

“While the government has recently taken much need steps to simplify travel requirements for those leaving and entering the UK, it is still difficult to keep track of the latest developments across the world,” continues Andy Hegley.“Melon ensures our customers are informed and aware at every step of their booking journey. And while travelling, help is always an instant away whether via Melon’s AI mobile chat function or the expert assistance of our agent support team. At Corporate Traveller every customer is considered a VIP, and we pride ourselves in always extending the highest level of service to all travellers at all times – with no exceptions.”In the UK, Corporate Traveller provides expert travel management services from start-ups to mid-market specialists who spend between £50K to £2M per annum on business travel. With over 2,500 clients in every industry sector, Corporate Traveller services 125,000 UK employees who travel for business each year.

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