Catch up with Relocate's Think Global Mobility Technology Webinar

This is your opportunity to listen back to the Think Digital: Think Global Mobility Technology Webinar which covered facilitating compliance and international relocation offers.

Technology is helping Global Mobility and HR pros keep up and comply with ever-evolving legislative and talent shifts. Ashley Daly and Mike Gatto of INEO joined Relocate Global’s Fiona Murchie in an webinar to walk-through the need-to-knows.

Watch the recap of the Relocate and Ineo Think Global Mobility Technology Webinar by clicking on the image above

A recent study showed 61% of global mobility teams are planning to harness the benefits of technology in the next 24 months. Data also suggests 60% of CEOs plan to double the level of current automation to at least a tenth of all operational processes by 2025 – a significant increase from the current 7%. These figures suggest huge scope for tech-enabled efficiencies in the global mobility arena and an imminent shift in approach.

Leveraging value from tech

Among the more easily quantifiable benefits of tech-enabled solutions are that they create seamless, compliant reporting that can be easily shared, so creating efficiencies and synergies in the process. Investing in technology solutions has other advantages when the interlinked agendas of employee support and a strategic focus are factored into technology and organisational culture.“Technology investment can be a hard sell, but critical is a focus on the invaluable benefits to be gained,” says Ashley Daly, director of global compensation technology solutions at INEO, a global mobility software, financial solutions and tax services provider.“Leveraging technology not only facilitates global tax reporting compliance, but also introduces process automation, enabling global mobility professionals to better focus on the paramount task of helping their businesses execute their corporate strategy."

Net-to-net calculations and compliance

Demonstrating how INEO’s customisable Technology Suite supports the international offer process and associated tax compliance with shadow tax reporting and modelling of tax-equalised home-based salaries, Mike Gatto, INEO’s global mobility manager and Ashley Daly will introduce in the Think Global Mobility Technology webinar on 24 March the latest solution in its digital compensation suite: INEO’s Net-to-Net Calculator.“Employers are looking to adequately compensate relocating employees as the business adapts quickly to global needs,” says Mike Gatto.“Technology can provide tools to accomplish this task effectively and efficiently. The Net-to-Net calculator is just one of those tools which reports to both the employer and the employee in an easily understandable format the full value of the prospective compensation package. This makes it easier for employers to adapt to individual circumstances and in a compliant manner..” 

Talking tech – Think Global Mobility Technology webinar

“This webinar will demystify some of the complex concepts and jargon associated with global mobility compensation and tax compliance, and take the participant through case studies to bring strategies for addressing to life,” says Ashley Daly. “You don’t know what you don’t know. “Of course, you can’t just introduce the technology. You have to have the right infrastructure around it to make it work. We look forward to having these conversations and exploring all these issues in the webinar with Relocate Global on 24 March, 2-3pm GMT.”
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