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Issues related to corporate finance dominate today’s fast-moving and increasingly globalised business world. They include everything from the impact of changes in global and local economies on a company’s strategic decisions about where to base its headquarters or a regional office or launch a new operation, through the often contentious topic of corporate taxation, to the day-to-day detail of banking, foreign exchange and employee pensions. Read more

Corporate finance will be one of the main factors influencing a business’s location (or relocation) strategy and its decisions to deploy international assignees to an overseas destination, relocate individual employees, or carry out a group move. For this reason, HR global mobility managers and those providing professional relocation services, as well as global managers and corporate relocation experts, need a broad understanding of a range of corporate finance topics.

With that in mind, this section provides coverage of the full spectrum of corporate financial topics relevant to both large and small companies, through articles, news, tools and other resources.

Our Employee Finance  and UK Banking  sections contain a wealth of practical financial guidance for international assignees, relocating employees, and trailing spouses, partners and family members. They are essential reading for employers, too. Our Directory  gives details of relocation specialists and suppliers in the global mobility industry who can provide bespoke professional support in the areas of corporate and employee finance.

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Latest Corporate Finance News

UK Banking Vacancies Surge Despite BREXIT

UK banking vacancies at record levels despite Brexit

Vacancies in the UK's financial services sector reached record levels over the summer, according to a new report, suggesting that vacancies are likely to grow even more amid continued growth, despite the effects of Brexit and the pandemic.

Latest Tax News


Metro mayors 'should lead levelling up plans'

The government's commitment to “spreading prosperity across every part of the UK” will not be realised by simply relocating civil servants from the prosperous South East to less affluent regions, a new report has warned.

Business unease over curate's egg budget

The initial reaction from business groups to the UK Budget on Wednesday was that it contained a lot of good bits, but some dodgy elements bits, too.

UK budget: visa easing now, tax tightening later

Changes in the UK's points-based immigration system, which only came into effect at the beginning of January, have been unveiled by Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak in his Budget speech on Wednesday.

Foreign Exchange

Board showing different currencies for an article about foreign exchange FX

London extends global FX lead despite Brexit

Despite dire predictions of a Brexit downturn, London has strengthened its position as a pre-eminent global hub for financial trades since the EU referendum, according to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).
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The UAE: proactive initiatives in positive education

Fiona Thomas examines how education in the UAE continues to move away from the structured, traditional learning approach and leans more towards the development of the wellbeing of all involved in the field, including students, teachers and principals. She reports back from GESS Dubai 2019
Business woman stands on robot hand

UK Industrial Strategy to investigate how AI can boost legal and financial services

UK Business Secretary Greg Clark commisions research into how AI can modernise the UK's financial and legal services whist providing better services to customers.

Economic Background


UK faces dilemma over oilfield project

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has signalled that a controversial oil and gas field off Scotland will go ahead despite environmental campaigners saying its development would make a mockery of the UK's "ambitious" plans for the Cop26 climate change conference it is hosting.

UK economy 'poised for record growth'

The latest economic forecast is predicting the UK will experience the strongest GDP growth this year since records began more than 70 years ago.
View of London near Liverpool Street

PwC confident of EU financial services deal

The European Union will eventually agree a post-Brexit deal with the UK over financial services because the bloc "needs London", according to one of the 'Big Four' multinational professional services firms.



Financial services facing skills 'timebomb'

The vast majority of HR executives in financial services believe their companies are facing a tech skills shortage, according to a new report.
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