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The right bank account is the cornerstone of a successful relocation. As well as day-to-day expenses to meet, the international assignee or relocating employee may have utility bills to pay, rent, school fees and other outgoings, and will want to make the most of their leisure time in their new surroundings. A number of banks offer UK bank accounts designed for inpats. This section features the latest banking news for those moving to the UK.

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Innovation Supplement Out Now

Welcome to the Innovation Supplement – Out now!

Innovation Supplement showcases how schools as are responding to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. From the publishers of the Guide to International Education & Schools at the start of Relocate Global’s Spring School Fair during February and March.


Relocate Global Guide to Education and Schools in the UK 2019/20

How to choose a new school in the UK

Relocating with school-age children is one of the biggest challenges a family can face. To ease the process, our step-by-step guide to choosing a school suggests questions to ask on a school visit, with advice from the schools themselves.
Science teaching at Brighton College

Why British independent education is globally revered

David Tongue, Founding Headmaster of Brighton College Bangkok, the sister school of Brighton College – one of the UK’s top independent, co-educational schools outlines why British independent education has such a prestigious international reputation.
Parents and child choosing an international school

Families matter: A neat solution to controlling assignment costs

Designed for HR and global managers advising parents embarking on an international assignment or domestic relocation, the launch edition of Re:locate Global's Guide to International Education & Schools is also an invaluable resource for the relocation professionals who advise them.



UK house prices hit new record high

Average house prices across the UK reached a record high in August, even though the annual rate of price inflation slowed slightly, according to the latest property index from lenders Halifax.
Detached house in England

Mixed picture for housing market across the UK

The housing market in the UK continues be marked by a strong regional variation. We review some of the key trends from the housing market at the start of 2018.
House prices in the UK increase in growth

September rise sees house prices hit new high – Halifax

Residential property prices have hit the fastest rate of growth since the start of the year according to Halifax. The growth places residential property at the uppermost point recorded by the bank.