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The right bank account is the cornerstone of a successful relocation. As well as day-to-day expenses to meet, the international assignee or relocating employee may have utility bills to pay, rent, school fees and other outgoings, and will want to make the most of their leisure time in their new surroundings. A number of banks offer UK bank accounts designed for inpats. This section features the latest banking news for those moving to the UK.

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Birmingham 'set to host new audit watchdog'

The UK government is to move hundreds more civil service jobs from London after choosing Birmingham as home for the nation's new audit regulator, according to a report in the Financial Times.

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Latest on cross cultural positive transitions-care webinar 670x370

Latest on cross cultural positive transitions-care

In this topical webinar discussion covering the latest developments in cross cultural transitions-care for globally mobile children and families, Fiona Murchie, Managing Editorial of Relocate Global speaks to Valérie Besanceney, Executive Director, SPAN (Safe Passage Across Networks) and Claudine Hakim Head of Transitions Care & Student Support and Zack Ekert, Head of Multilingualism at the International School of London.
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UK student cost of living index 2023

With A level and IB results now confirmed, international students and home students are looking ahead to secure accommodation, set up student finances and bank accounts. A new student cost of living survey from Natwest bank shows the most and least expensive places to study in the UK.
TASIS Graduation 2023

Celebrating IB Exam Success

TASIS England is proud to announce the 2023 exam results for its International Baccalaureate (IB) students. This year’s IB Diploma Programme candidates achieved an impressive 97% pass rate and an average point score of 34, considerably higher than the worldwide averages of 79% and 30 points, respectively.


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How are cost pressures and supply shortages affecting the global mobility market?

Journalist Marianne Curphey led an informal discussion with guest panellists Fruzsina Hodson, Senior Manager, Santa Fe Relocation and Shan Norman, GMS, Regional Vice President, EMEA Weichert Workforce Mobility, with interjections from global mobility, tax, immigration, serviced apartments and education experts capturing current trends and challenges at the Think Global People Networking Reception held at the Institute of Directors. An insightful evening for navigating international markets.
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The role of employee and family relocation support in the current cost of living crisis

The rising cost of living affects assignees and their families through increased rental and household expenses. Dr Sue Shortland explains why family support is needed alongside financial interventions.
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The impact of property turmoil on global mobility

Rising rents, increasing inflation, a jump in the cost of living and a shortage of housing supply are all presenting challenges for assignees and their families relocating across the globe. Marianne Curphey looks at how global mobility teams are rising to the challenge, and what the future might hold.